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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Cakes and dress ups

This week, it has been "Book Week" in all the schools. In our school we have reading competitions and other games, but the highlight of the week, is Friday - Dress Up day. I love it! Every year, I'm amazed at the unique and creative costumes! This year, the school actually set a theme. You could dress up as: An explorer, Someone that discovered something, or something from Antartica. So... M went as Lucy (from Narnia, because she discovered Narnia) and H went as a Pirate, because they discover treasure! H, said he got a lollypop. I asked him why, he wasn't sure, but gave me the card that the lollypop was stuck to. It said "Congratualtions on being a Story Reading Finalist"!!! I was shocked! I'm not sure if I've mentioned on my blog before, but H REALLY struggles at school. It is only his first year, but all my teacher interviews, I'm told he's really lagging blah,blah, blah. BUT, I can see a vast improvement and his speech therapist reckons his is doing brilliantly! So I'm not too worried... but to be a finalist in a story competition?!! So on the way home, I asked him to read my the story that he read. And for a kid that can't read... he said the story, almost word for word!!! It is a book that we've read together quite often, but I didn't think he was paying very much attention!!! So, good on ya H - you're a champion!

On Saturday, it was my BIL's 40th birthday. And I was the sucker that put my hand up, to make the cake! My SIL wanted to do a "racing" theme, and said it would be great if we could do checked flag-style chocolate shards around the outside of the cake. Hmmm... I racked my brains and this is what I did...

I was so happy with the final result! We found a cake decorating place that can put a photo/image onto edible paper, and Steve LOVES MGs... so this one was an obvious choice. He was stoked! I'm kind of glad its over, I'm all weary and tired, been cooking and preparing (and worrying about the cake!) for days.... ahhh, it was nice to sleep in this morning!


amy said...

What great things to dress up as. Lucy is one of my favorite fictional characters..Nice photos!

Doris & Dan said...

What a great way to get kids into reading. Yeah H!

Love the cake!

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

THat cake is AMAZING!

And I'm no expert by any means, but H doesn't look very old, and from what I've read, many kids (boys especially) can be up to 9 or 10 before they really "get" reading. I'm so glad he's getting that positive encouragement but also that you are not pressuring him. As you Aussies would say "good on ya!" :-)

BIG SMILES to you!

Chelley said...

That Cake really does take the CAKE!! You should be really proud of your self for the job you done!!!

Cool dress up! They look FAB!!

Way to Go H!!! Congrats on a good job!!

C.J. said...

I am lovin' that cake.

Great dress-up idea. They both look adorable. Go, go, go young H!

Lisa and Doug said...

What an awesome cake! Love the costumes!

A Special Family said...

Brilliant costumes!!

That cake looks mighty yummy, I don't suppose it would save well in the post to England would it??!!


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Way to go H....I'm sure you are mega proud!!

Love the cake, you did a great job.

Gen S said...

OH - that is wonderful news!

Congratulations H - you must have done an amazing job! We are so proud of you.

I love the costumes and the gorgeous kidlets in them :)