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Monday, 13 August 2007


I'm starting to get a cold... its kind of there, but not there! Which is better than having full-blown "rudulph itice" I guess!

We didn't end up seeing Nancy Drew, it wasn't on... I think I'm confused, I think I only saw shorts to the movie, but it hasn't actually been released here yet!!! So we saw The Simpson Movie instead. Was ok, the kids were killing themselves laughing quite a bit, but I thought it was just like watching the tv episodes! Homer is right, in the first scene, he stands up and says we're all suckers for paying to go to the movies when we can watch it for free at home!!! Kids really like it though, so I guess that's all that counts!

I went to a fundraiser fashion parade yesterday. Didn't buy any clothes, but scored myself a very nice silver necklace. If I'd bought clothes only 10% of the sale price went to the fundraiser, but the necklace was donated, so 100% went to the cause. It was a good afternoon, and I went home happy with my necklace!

Happy Monday All!


C.J. said...

Let us see said necklace, snuffleufagus!

Jeter's Mama said...

starting to get a cold also - summer colds are the worst!

Rhonda said...

What? No pics?

Fell better soon!

amy said...

Good choice with the fundraiser..Cant wait to see it!

Doris & Dan said...

Feel better and I hope this week is better then last. Hugs!

Necklace pic!

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

Glad you could get a necklace that gave 100% of the profits away! Gotta love that! Get well soooon!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

I hope you don't get one of those colds that just drags out. Take loads of vitamins and banish the thing away!

cougchick said...

my kids are yankin my chain to see the Simpsons. I've been trying to sucker the grandparents in to taking them instead. Not a huge Simpsons fan.

cool about the necklace.

Lindsey said...

ick having a cold sucks but having a cold on a monday sucks even more =(. hope you get to feeling better.

ps- wheres the pic of that necklace?