"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Could be worse?

Ever had one of those week's when, just when you think things couldn't get any worse... your world proves you wrong?!!!

Sorry bout the scary cat photo!!! Fitting my mood perfectly... right down to the glowing yellow eyes!!!

And no, Jeter's Momma... it's definitely NOT our cat!!! If wish I could catch the 2 cats that tease Chewy all night long, and have him barking like a mad thing... I'd definitely do this to them!!! (Sorry CJ! and any other cat lovers!!!) My dear SIL would be turning in her grave, God rest her sweet soul!!!

Speaking of Trish. Good lord, I've missed her this week. Even typing this, I'm crying again. I miss her common sense, her smile, her lighthearted view of life, her friendship, her solid support, her voice. I drove past the Showgrounds the other day, and was immediately reminded, that it was Trish that took my kids to the Show, while I was off in Sydney catching up with Team Salsa. Its the little things that catch me unawares, that get me upset the most. Sometimes, I think, when will it stop hurting, that she's gone? But then on the other hand, I think, if it hurts, it means that she is still alive in my memory, so then I don't want it to stop hurting. Good grief, I'm a nutcase!!!

Oh Tricia, how I wish you didn't have to go so soon.


C.J. said...

Nope, not a nutcase. Just a huge heart missing your SIL. Those moments? Although it can hurt, it's such a comfort to feel them again.

Note to self: mail Jake to Australia. Chewy needs a friend ;0)

Catherine said...

Sorry you're having a rough time. Can't imagine how hard it must be to have lost your SIL.

Big (((hugs))) friend.

PaulaBrett said...

Big Canadian Bear Hugs!!

Wish I could take away your pain.

Hope you feel better soon.

PS.....I'll pick up Jake on my way to Oz next year for Chewy!


A Special Family said...

I am really sorry, really sorry.
(((BIG HUGS)))

M3 said...

Not nutty at all, just sweet and loving, which why we all love you. :-) Big hugs.

cougchick said...

big hugs from me. So sorry you're missing your SIL.

kris said...

I always seem to say this, that some losses never truly leave us, but just become a part of us- it seems she is truly a part of you...and I guess that's a pretty amazing gift. Doesn't make missing her easy though.

Janet said...

YOU ARE NOT A NUTCASE!!!!! I am sorry you are missing her so. Praying for your aching heart tonight.....