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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Blog Question

I've read on a few blogs, that while folks were in China, they had difficulty posting to a "blogger" blog? I set up my "In China" blog aeons ago, which subsequently was "redecorated" into the Quilt Room... and gathering dust, whilst we wait to actually BE in China!

Anyway, the reason I ask is... I am in a dilemma... do I use my "free" China Room blog, or do I pay $75 and go to a "Journal hosting" mob, and send them emails from China, and not have the stress, whether blogger will work, plus get the added bonus of getting the journal on CD?

My other dilemma is (yes, this is all very pathetic, I know...if only these were my only "issues"?!!) - I've decided (I think) to leave the laptop at home, and use internet cafes or the hotel's business centre, to download my photos to my stick drives and blog - one less thing to carry, and my laptop is my "office" too, so it'd be devasting if it got lost or busted.

And here's yet another mindless worry, I've been thinking about... a baby carrier. Ages ago, I bought a "hip carrier" (we applied for a child up to 18 months, thinking our child will be a toddler, hence a hip carrier, not a front carrier) which I thought was just the best thing since sliced bread. Now I'm panicking that our child will be too small (kids have to be able to sit unsupported to use this carrier) ~ so now I'm lusting over a "Mei Tai" type carrier, but am worried I won't know how to get it on, or that she'll fall out, because the straps are tied, not in a buckle.

And, I hate to say it, I still think about her name... constantly! Is it better to choose a name, or wait til we see her and know her Chinese name?

Any thoughts on the above issues?

I hate it when T is flat out with work... I just sit around an obsess over ridiculous things!!! Our daughter is not ridiculous, it's just ridiculous, that I'm stressing about things that don't affect us now! I hope this all passes soon. It usually does.

Answer to yesterday's question: Yes! M did get her ears pierced... OOooo the drama of it all! I wish I had a video camera. After 12 months of her nagging, I had to convince / persuade her for nearly 10 mins, that it'd be ok, and wouldn't hurt (too much!).



Stephe said...

“do I use my "free" China Room blog, or do I pay $75 and go to a "Journal hosting" mob, and send them emails from China, and not have the stress, whether blogger will work, plus get the added bonus of getting the journal on CD?” I’m a blogger fan so, for me, I would stick with blogger. I’ve heard most people have no problem posting, they just can’t view their blog or other blogs.

“laptop?” Initially, I wasn’t going to bring one. Then, after reading some other parents trips, I’m convinced that I need to. Here is how I see it. I really only will be lugging it on plane trips otherwise it’ll stay in my room. I’m figuring that I will be in my room with my new child kind of early to put her to bed. Then what do I do? Aside from reorganizing my stuff over and over again, I will use my laptop to email friends and family, journal, blog, dump my memory card, listen to music and or watch some movies. That is if I can stay awake at all. I want the option to not pace around the room endlessly. I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage to gather up my child and entertain her while I’m at the business office trying to email or post on the blog. I think I would feel a bit guilty. I plan to do it while she a sleep if I can.

“Baby Wraps - worried I won't know how to get it on, or that she'll fall out, because the straps are tied, not in a buckle.” I’ve haven’t used one yet but I totally get your fears. I’ve heard great things about the mei tei. For me, I’ve decided I’m most comfortable with the “ultimate baby wrap”. If you go to their website and watch the video, it seems really easy and secure. Everyone feels differently, go with what you feel most comfortable with.

“Is it better to choose a name, or wait til we see her and know her Chinese name?” Neither option is better than the other. You’ll know when you find the perfect name. Maybe you could pick a few that you like now and wait til you see her to finally decide. No one says you have to decide that now!

Stephe said...
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Lisa and Doug said...

In China, I used the Hip Hammock and Briana was 17 pounds - a peanut! She loved it. I don't know what I would have done without it.

As for the laptop, I live with a computer geek, so it was coming with us whether I liked it or not. But, I really am glad we brought it. I liked being connected to home when I got a little home sick. We used the laptop to play Briana Chinese lullabies too!

I can remember all the times I stressed before going to China. Don't worry, everything will work out!

Rachel said...

After having been there and done that if I was going again I would still take my laptop. Once you get mini sometimes the only time you will have time to blog is when she is sleeping. You will not want to/or be able to leave the room. Plus you won't have to wait in line. It was still one of the best things I have taken.

About the mei tei, I had one made for me and it was GREAT (I swapped a mom one of my dresses for it)! It would work for babies on up. Olivia was almost two and it worked great for her. (I even put a four year old in it to try it out before we left). I still have mine and have been hanging on to it to pass it down to someone. Let me know if you would be interested. :)

Special K said...

I agree with what everyone said about the laptop...take it.

Why not find a really good friend or trusted fellow blogger to e-mail your posts & pics to in case you can't post while in China. Then they can post it for you. For free. Several have done that and it's worked fine.

I think your hip carrier will be fine. Remember that the youngest of babies referred will still be at least 6 mths old. Certainly old enough to hold her own head up.

Personally, I had to name my daughter already. My family and friends suggested it. They wanted to make her seem more "real" during this wait. Plus I wanted to feel more connected to her too. Naming her just seemed to do that for me. But everyone has a different philosophy about it. So do what's best for you.

cougchick said...

Wow. Having not btdt I am of no help. I would probably go with the laptop for the reasons above. Be sure to back it up before you leave home as not to lose all your important work info. As for the name, it will work out. My guess is that you will wait because you seem to be bouncing back and forth.
I am getting anxious for you. I can't wait to see that mini in your arms!!!

Doris & Dan said...

We bot a laptop to bring that with us. We are going with Blogger.

I hope that it does bite us in the arse.

But at this rate, I may need a walker to go to China.

Keep smilin!

M3 said...

Ok, my dumb advice, take it for what it cost -- $.00 haha:

Take the laptop, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't have it. No way on earth you're going to want to either leave your baby in the hotel room while you go find and internet cafe or try to type in a crowded busy place with her on your hip.

We brought a couple of diff kinds of baby carriers, and the Playtex Hip Hammock was hands down the easiest, coolest, and best one. The girls both loved it (it works for big babies or small ones), it's cheap (bonus!), and you can get a sleeping baby out of it without waking them up (double bonus).

We used Blogger the whole time and had a backup person in the States to email posts/pics to if we ever got shut out (one city was a problem, I think it was Wuhan?).


Janet said...

I would like one of those Mei Tei ones too.....I think I'll probably too that. Unfortunately, with only FIVE STINKING DAYS referred, I have a long time until I worry about it. Ugh.

Tasha said...

My advice as a former expat in Asia.. leave the 'puter at home. China is so international now, esp. with the Olympics coming, you'll have no problem with internet access and performance.

Just my two yens.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Great tips, I'll have to keep that all in mind.