"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Out of the mouth of H-man

H is almost 6! This kid cracks me up everyday with what comes out of his mouth!

I met his Learning Assistance teacher the other day, this was a conversation she had with H:
(T=60ish year old teacher H=my son)
T: H's drawing has really improved. He was drawing a person, and coloured in the face pink.
H: What colour are ears?
T: Normally the same colour as you face or your skin - see, look at my ears, what colour are they?
H: (studies teachers face and ears) You got alotta cracks!
T: Yes, I do have some wrinkles...

I was telling hubs this morning he nearly wet his pants laughing!!! Yep, he's his father's son... has a real way with the Ladies!!!

Then, this morning, H was prancing around the car, and took forever to get in, when he did he says "I'm a ba-a weena" I said to him "You're a bad weiner?!" Which set M off cackling! I said "What does a good Weiner do?!"
H is laughing "NO! Not a Bad Weiner, a ba-aweena" - then I worked it out... "Oooooohhhh a Ballerina?"
"Yes". He answers.

Oooo good. Dad will be so pleased.


LaLa said...

Too cute...kids crack me up!

Made in China said...

Wow, reminds me of my son who is 6. The other day we wnt apple picking and they gave all the kids candy apples. He tried very hard to eat it with his 2 top teeth missing it was quite a chore. All of a sudden he holds the candy apple in the air and makes a crown with his fingers and yells out "look mom, I'm the Statue of Livity!" lol!!!

Janet said...

I love it! "You've got a lot of cracks! " He is too funny!

Shannon said...

Adorable. Reminds me I need to go cream up my "cracks"

Jeter Mama said...

lots of cracks, bad wiener - you people are just too funny!!!!

Doris & Dan said...

He is a hoot!

Keep smilin!

L & J said...

bubOut of the mouth of babes!....Too funny!
Ian (who is 7) has mentioned several times..."Daddy isn't going to have many more birthdays because he is REALLY old" (Jeff is 43). He also took it so far as to point out outfits that I could wear for my next wedding after his Dad was no longer here! The outfits kind of looked like something Pamela Anderson would have worn in one of her weddings (Google Pamela if you aren't familiar with her)!!!

L & J said...

That was supposed to say out of the mouth of babes....That bu was part of the 1st word verification! Yeah, it took me twice! =)

Shannon said...

LOL!! I was giggling out of control and then really lost it with your Dad will be so pleased line...snort!

kris said...

Gotta love the H-man. And hey, nothin' wrong with him as a ballerina. Barishnikov was seriously cool.

Lisa and Tate said...

Just looking at him, you can tell he is a scream! Kids do say the funnest things!