"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Saturday, 20 October 2007

...Too much cake and icecream!

H-Man is SIX tomorrow! We celebrated with a party at McEmpire today... thinking that would be the easy thing to do! 14 x 5 year olds + 2 10 year olds and about 4 parents... and younger siblings, but I lost count how many of them there was!!! Needless, to say, I need to get another hair colour - I swear I have about 30 extra grey hairs!!! It's the middle of Oct... we're sposed to still have cold weather, right? Wrong... it was a sticky 35+degreesC today (96F). Everytime I book at one of these "fast food" places, something goes wrong. Today, they didn't reserve the party "area" so a family of about 8, were sitting on our seats! I had to run around the restaurant, gathering chairs/stools etc for the kids to squeeze onto one table.... I was not impressed. Apart from that, everything did go very well, and H-Man had an exhausting, sugar-induced fun time!!!

Pre-Party: (yes, his hair is sposed to be like that... he wanted "spikey" hair... unfortunately his hair doesn't want to be spikey!!!)

Pressie Time:

Too Much Cake and Icecream?

Pile on Ronald:

Giving the Big Bad Wolf a run for his money!!!

Exhausted: (his little friend, spent most of the day making "fart" noises with his hands... I have four words.... 6 year old boys.)


Catherine said...

Happy Birthday H-Man!!! Wahoo...6 years old! Glad you had such a fun party!

Too much cake and ice cream? Never. LOL!

Too bad the party room didn't get booked but glad you had such a good time in all the warm goodness. The weather sure is unusual these days. Here too. Still very warm for mid-October.

Last pic? Sadly I don't think boys ever outgrow this. I have to 'younger' broters (read: in their 30's) who still find fart noises hilarious and are now raising a generation behind them to appreciate these finer things in life too! :o)

Happy recovery day mama.

kris said...

Happy birthday to the H-man!

Special K said...

Happy Birthday H!

Gotta love that McPlace!
And I'm with Catherine...you can NEVER have too much cake & ice cream!

Lisa~~ said...

Happy b-day H-man!!

M3 said...

Happy bday H-man!!!! Looks a rippin' good time. Hope you had sugar-filled dreams of a fun bday party all night.

Julie said...

Happy birthday H man! You're one cool kid. Hope we get to meet you someday!

Chelley said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY H-man!!

Looks like you had a rocking party!

Hope that you get everything that you wished for! And a bit more!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to your son!