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Friday, 26 October 2007

Koalas, sliding doors, fatness and prams

The strangest thing happened the other night! As we were leaving school, a koala crossed the road, and climbed a gum tree... in SUBURBIA!!! The kids were all excited, and H was screaming "I wanna go pat it"!! I firmly told him, it was a wild animal... we're not at Australia Zoo now!!! (photo above: from Australia Zoo) The next morning, as we entered the school grounds, M pointed above us, and there was a koala asleep in the gum tree on the school grounds! M said it was smaller, so couldn't be the one from the previous night, but it was a long way up - so I'm guessing it was the same one! For those readers not familar with our famous iconic animals, koalas and kangaroos, are found out in the bush, on big farms... not generally in the suburbs! So it was a cool treat to see this gorgeous animal "in the wild"!!

My next thoughts, are on the movie "Sliding Doors". If you've seen the movie, you'll know that it's about a girl who misses her train by a couple of minutes and her entire life takes a different track, as opposed to her catching the train. I was thinking about this concept yesterday as not once but twice I was nearly cleaned up in a car accident! What if I'd left a minute later? Or worse if I was a few seconds earlier? I think its a very interesting subject ~ I wonder where I'd be if....

A mum says to me at school today "Have you lost weight?" I answer "NO! Definitely not!" She says "No, you definitely have, in your legs and your bum". I had to go do something, so that was the end of the conversation. But I was thinking later - "How fat did she think I was before, if she's sure I've lost weight - which I know I haven't?!!" I am the same fatness. Gosh, she must've thought I was pretty fat before, if she thinks she can see a difference?!!!

And lastly - prams. I'm a sucker, and bought a jogger stroller. Can you blame me - at only $51?!! Good ole eb@y! Ok, it was $90 in total, after shipping and insurance - but hey! I'm impressed! I can't give you a photo as its still in the box - and I'm not going to assemble it til we get a referral - don't want it all dusty and crusty!!

I scammed this pic from the ad! Mine is grey, where it shows beige. Looks ok to me?!! Bet I can resell it on eb@y, after use for $50!!!


Chelley said...

How strange For that koala... But I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that thet are losing there habat from the citys moving out all the time.... Dont the only eat one type of tree?

Have often thought along the same lines as you... If I had been a little longer or if I didnt take that road home?!?

I dont think we are fat! In the limited amount of pics I have seen you in! But hey is there any of us that think we are skinny?
I think I am fat!! As I eat another tim tam!!

COOL pram! What a bargin!

Ava's family said...

Oh my gosh, when I saw the picture I thought H ran up to pet the koala! I was thinking....I had NO idea they were that friendly! =)

BTW, you are NOT fat!

Catherine said...

Neat about the koala and cool stroller! I have a stroller in a box too but can't wait for the day when we finally get to take them out of the boxes! What a day of celebration that will be!

Getting closer day by day...

Doris & Dan said...

Cool koala encounter. They are my favorite animal.

You are not fat...you are awesome!

I bot one at a garage sale (tag sale) and it is in the shed waiting. Good deal!

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

I love that you call them "prams". :-)

And, BTW, you don't look fat at ALL!

Made in China said...

Cool about the Koala!!

I like the Jogger. I got one at a garage sale and use it for neighbourhood walks as it is too ig for my car. In my trunk is my beloved Maclaren stroller!!

Alyson & Ford said...

Looks like the best stroller to me!!

LID 01/27/06

Shelley said...

Okay...I'm still trying to digest the fact that China is closer to you than the US. I forget that you too are on the other side of the world from where I am!!!:-) I'm so jealous. David and I were talking the other night about the taking the girls back to China when they get older and it just seems so very far away. I still have to pinch myself when I remember that I have been there not once...but twice!!! How did that happen???

Debz said...

Wow that would be really cool to see. Great pic of you BTW!

kris said...

Wow... a wild Koala loose in the burbs... how cool! LOVE that jogger!!

i-Con said...

Hmmm...I always like when people say to me 'you look nice today...not like yourself' Uh, thanks? That's along the lines of the fatness remark.

I'd love a Koala to hang with my cats. I wonder how that would go? ;0)

rubyiscoming said...

I told my uncle and aunt who live in Brisbane about the koala - bizarre, but what fun for you and your kids to see :)

TAKE THE COMPLIMENT from your friend - whether you have lost weight or not, always good to feel good about our bodies and sometimes some outfits just make us look 10 lbs lighter, ya know? :) I should buy a few more of those outfits.... :)

RogueQueen said...

I have the same pram and all I can say is it is perfect!! I love all the extra luggage space it has for big walks where you need lots of drinks and snacks.
Hope you get to use it real soon!!

Jeter Mama said...

holy cow! What I do to see a koala just walking around!!!!
(and to have a mom ask me if I've lost weight!)