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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Spring Break!

It's school holidays again! Yay!!! I LLOOOOOVVVEE school holidays! No routines, sleep in, no making lunches before I've even had breakfast... ahhhh... lovely!

Yesterday was a public holiday, so most shops are closed, and most entertainment places (like the cinemas and beaches, are jammed packed!) so we stayed home! We went to the park to kick the footie at the park, but that was it! Oh yeah, and H got some practice in, riding his "2 wheeler"... the kid is nearly 6, and still isn't riding a 2 wheeler... it's embarrassing!!!

I had lots of "work" errands to do today, so had to drag the poor kids along. H got a haircut, and M's nagging finally wore me thin... can you see what she had done?

Will post the answer later!

**EDIT: Oooo! I just remembered something M said today, that cracked me up... maybe you know that answer to this one? She says to me today

"What I don't get, is, why do the animals that only eat meat, not eat

Out of the Mouths of Babes?!!!


Chelley said...

Earrings! Earrings!

And they looks SO pretty!!!

H's cut looks COOL!!!

We are on school Hoils too!!

Chelley said...

Oh and dont worry about H and not riding his bike yet my twins ARE NOT even CLOSE to taking the training wheels off!!

And they are so busting to take thier bikes to school but I keep putting it off ( I dont want them to be teased at school)

Emma said...

She had her ears pierced! How lovely! Glad you're enjoying school hols :-)

i-Con said...

Handsome haircut...and I love M's new earrings ;0)

Janet said...

Tee hee! Love that conversation!

LaLa said...

That question cracks me up!!! Love the earrings!

kris said...

Think I see some pierced ears!
I told my mom once (when learning about the brain in a biology course) that I thought it was weird we had to use our brain to learn about our brain. (I think I said, "My brain has to go study itself" or something along those lines!)

Shannon said...

M cracks me up! Happy Spring Break! I'm soooo jealous, y'all! =)

Doris & Dan said...

Have a great time off(or time on?)

Keep smilin!