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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I'm baaaaack!

We travelled in excess of 1500kms (932 miles), used more than 400 litres of fuel (=$596+...due to the ridiculous Easter fuel price hikes!) and got to see lots of rellies! And because Murphy and his law, are a thorn in my side, a city that hasn't seen rain for months... was rained upon, our last night there - just to make it really easy (*note: huge amounts of sarcasm here*) to pack up the tent!!!

We had a great time interstate ~ and I'm always amazed at how, sitting on your bum, travelling for hours on end, can leave you exhausted, when you get home!!! The kids started the "are we there yet" about 5 hours from home!!! We broke the news to them, that when we go to China (only 3 more weeks!!!) it'll be about 13 hours in the plane!!! They looked less than thrilled!!!

I still haven't come across my camera (not that I took heaps of photos, anyway) - but when I do, I'll post a few pics! Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter, gobbling up lots of chocolate!

**EDIT: Sorry... "rellies" are relatives!**


Chelley said...

OMG you are going to China in less than a month!!!! Wow that has come up so darn fast!

Well at least you wont have to pay petrol!

kris said...

Welcome back and OH my gosh you're going to turn around and leave for China SOON!!!

Debz said...

Yay China trip coming up!

Happy Belated 25th LID, hope your China trips won't be too far apart!

cougchick said...

What is a rellie?

Glad you made it back in one piece.

You'll be unpacking just in time to be repacking. I just realized that Aunt Flo will be visiting while we are on our Caribbean cruise. So.not.fair.

Janet said...

My kids always do that "are we there yet?" thing. I HATE it. I always tell them "twenty hours". Doesn't matter HOW long we've traveled. They soon learn not to bother to ask.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Life was meant to travel... glad you had a good time and now the countdown from China... don't worry... I am good with the word 'rellies'... hehehe