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Thursday, 28 August 2008


Nothing much going on... we'll actually that's not entirely correct - HEAPS going on, just nothing exciting!

What have I done this week?
*The usual housekeeping
*Seen the Chiropractor
*Taking kids to various extra curricular activities
*Babysat my nieces and nephews
*Baked a cake (and ate it!)
*Had several coffees (all hail the DeLongh!)
*Paid wages
*Paid bills and did loads of paperwork (and still not finished)
*Hubs did a quick trip interstate, and back
*Our land settled, last Friday (so it's all OURS now!) - so been checking out sheds and rainwater tanks on line
*Going for a drive today, to actually look at some sheds
*Organised future Open inspections with Real Estate Agent
*Did Poo Patrol
*Filled in huge hole under fence, that Chewy Dog decided to dig (Milo doesn't have time to dig... he's too busy poo'ing)
*Did some running around for work (banking, buy new kettle etc)

And there are a tonne of other very uninteresting things I did, but don't want to bore you anymore!

Here's what I'm going to look at today...

One of our ides was, to build a "live in" shed, while we build our house. I don't think AF.IS (our govt adoption agency) are too keen... but we'll see what the shed people can do. We thought, once we move into our house - we can use the "top" of the shed as a guest house, and the bottom... as a shed! If its a no-go, we'll have to rent.


PIPO said...

Just think...the sheep could be right downstairs! Oh, the convenience :0)

Janet said...

When my parents moved to their dream land, they lived in their garage for a year! Hope it works out for ya!!!

Linda said...

My ex husband is building a garage in Maine on land he purchased to live in while his house is being built and is going to do the same thing. Guest suite upstairs and garage downstairs. Maybe you can call it a garage and it will be approved. Happy everything is working out for you.... Linda

Emma said...

It's funny, when I read the govt agency name I saw it as 'AS IF'... probably quite appropriate really!


Made in China said...

Wow! Busy, busy!!

Alyson & Ford said...

I have heard of many people doing that - building the garage, basement or barn and living in it until the house is built. I think it is a great idea!!