"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Sunday, 31 August 2008

The highly exhaulted "Matching Room"
(although this is an old photo... so its probably from their old building?!!)
My question for the day:
"What are they doing in there?"!!!
Its been such a hectic pace around here, I really am struggling to keep up. And now, I can't even get any damn rest - I woke up at 3am, and could not get back to sleep... so here I am, at 430am posting on my blog! So much going on in my tiny brain, no wonder its overloaded! House plans, Mini plans, moving house, packing, lists of stuff I want to get rid of when we move, timber floors, timber blinds or verticals? Mini travel - will it be Christmas? .... all this plus more.
We caught up with our beautiful batch peoples last night for dinner, (minus one family - hope M's arm heals quick... ouch! H-man really missed him!) Was a great night - and of course, I reckon at least 50% of the conversation was regarding our allocation and travel. One family has already "been there done that" - so (once again) we bombarded them with lots of questions as to what to expect. I think, predominately, that's why I can't sleep. We got ourselves all riled up, that we are so close! We reckon either a Christmas referral or (2 of us think) Christmas travel. Could it be true? Geez, I hope so. I've always thought, with a logged in date of 22nd, we'll be so lucky as to be one of those batches, that Cc.A@ allocates til 21st, and we'll have to wait yet another month. I know there's pro's and cons to that situation, but I know that'll be us. I've convinced myself Cc.A@ will get through min. 7 days this month.... I really really hope so! I think the entire China adoption community is hanging out for this next batch of allocations - to see what happens "post Olympics". We probably won't geta good idea, til next month though - when they've had a full month back at work.
OK... just realised I'm really dribbling on. Sorry. I can't even seem to "bore" myself to sleep?!


Briana's Mom said...

Oh my! It is getting so close for you! I couldn't be happier for you!

Anonymous said...

I remember being in your shoes and the thought that the adoption was never going to happen because it was taking sooooo long. Just remember the minute that you hold your daugter for the first time all of these sleepless nights will disappear. Hold on you are almost there. It has been a long time since I checked in on your blog. You were so nice to me when we were in your shoes and I just want you to know I am thinking about you and cant wait to read your blog when you are in China. journeytokenzie.blogspot.com

Debz said...

Actually it's probably a good thing so many things are happening at once....it will keep your mind activly doing other things and not slooooooowly watching the time go by....Mini will be here before you know it!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHH!! Getting butterflies in my belly for ya!

coco said...

You are getting closer. I remember not being able to sleep. I had to take tylenol pm to sleep. Hange in there.


Debz said...

13 more days to your LID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

Word on the street is that they got through the 9th this month. I know that 5 of those days had no LIDs but (if it's true) I'm SO HAPPY to be able to cross those 9 days off of my list! You're really getting close!!!

PIPO said...

Baaaahhhh....says the wooly.

No sleep here either. I am wiggin' out about being a mama at last :0)

I know how ewe feel :0)

Chelley said...

YOUR time is coming! I will pray that it will be before the Jolly fat man!

Cristina said...

Ah yes, the 3 am wakeups and the whizzing brain - I remember it so very well!!! We were a 22nd LID as well and, you guessed it, the cut off th emonth before was the 21st!! But the good thing about that is that you know that you will be absolutely, positively NEXT!!! Can't wait to hear your news!!!

Cristina xxx