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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

House update

We had our Auction on Sat... well... we did / and we didn't! We had about 30 people here, but due to new legislation, no one registered to bid... so there was no auction!!!

We are not deterred! The auction process served a purpose. No one (inc. agents) could really tell us how much our house was worth. Its quite unique in this area, as it was an older house (built in the 50s) and we've completed renovated and extended it (almost double the size of the house!) We kept the original wide pine floorboards and hunted high and low, to match them in the new extension. We have 11foot ceilings in the original part of the house, so we kept that through into the extension. So - we have a house, that everyone who sees it, loves... but no-one knows how much to pay! Since the auction fizzed out, we now have the house "on the market", for a fixed price - which we determined, from comments left by all the people that have looked at the house in the last 5 weeks.

I have no doubt that our house will sell... its a matter of when and how much! No matter what, we will make more than double, what we paid for the house... so we're happy! Our market is still good here, although it has taken a "turn". A recent survey said that house prices have increased by 16% in the last 12 months, but sales have dropped by 16% in the last 12 months. So it's kind of just flatten out, I guess.

Our land settles on Friday! WooHOo! We'd like to get a big shed and big rainwater tank, up asap, to start catching water. We plan to camp out there with Mr T's sister and family on the October long weekend! (I'd really like a loo in the shed, but I think that'd be pushing it! ~ we'd need to get a sewer system happening etc)


Chelley said...

golly I hope that everything doesnt happen at once!!! I mean with only 22 log in days and selling a house and buidling a new one??????

Girl you are GOING to madldy crazy busy!!!

How does it feel to have the CCAA up to your MONTH

Julie said...

Wow, so close to your girlie and a new house to plan. You are my hero!

Debz said...

Hoping and praying everything happens in a smooth order for you.
Only 22 days worth hey!!! How exciting!

Janet said...

You are so brave! I am so excited for you in the house building! PLEASE keep us posted. We'll live vicariously through you....