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Saturday, 2 August 2008

House plan

THIS is the house plan we are currently in love with. (click on FLOORPLAN tab, and we will probably have the "cottage" facade, in the FACADE tab). I said, "currently". Please note, that our "favourite" plan has changed about 6 times - and is quite likely to change again!!!

I love all the space in this house. We'd like to put a wall (roughly half way) through LIVING 1, to make a Study at the front of the house. The rest of LIVING 1, will be a Home Theatre. Another thing that I LOVE, is the big bedrooms. I don't know about America - but here, the new houses, tend to have teeny tiny bedrooms. The only thing I have a few reservations about, is the kitchen, and lack of cupboard space. I have MEGA cupboards, here, and will certainly miss them. Although, there is plenty of storage in the passage way. *Did you see the double robes in the Main Suite*?!!! Woo Hoo!!

The back LIVING areas will look out to the rolling hills in the distance. Ahhh... I CAN'T WAIT!

Once we sell our place, we'll rent, while we build. We even considered renting a 2 bedroom unit - to save $$ - but I got the impression from the Agency, that wouldn't really go down to well. So we'll rent a small 3 bedroom house. At least, I hope we can - with 2 dogs... it may be a little tricky!!

*damn*! I missed the final of Amazing Race! I'm pretty sure, we're behind, here in Oz - (no wise cracks please!) Who won?!!! The Asian Father-daughter team, the hippies (CJ/AJ or something & Rachel) or the Grandfather-Grandson team?!! Arrrrggh!!! PLEASE TELL ME!!!


Made in China said...

Wow, looks fabulous!

Lisa~~ said...

Love the floor plan especially the big open kitchen and family room. We have that set-up and it just allows for great party space and a gathering spot that's large enough. Can't wait to see the finished home.

Chelley said...

After 10 cities, 4 continents, and almost 30000 miles, dating couple TK & Rachel became the winners of THE AMAZING RACE

hehe I LOVE the that show!!!

and there is just something about Phil aww he is a honey!

Debz said...

Came back to see your floor plan, wow it's beautiful, and huge! # livingrooms!!!? What a dream! Can't wait to watch the progress.
We have a couple at our church who just built a house and a really neat thing they did was they had some friends and family write a blessing or prayer that they wrote on the two by fours that were used for the interior walls. Then they had a house dedication party. If we ever build a house again I plan on doing this.

Debz said...

Opps that was suppossed to be 3 living rooms....LOL....must have thought I was texting you!!! ha ha