"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Progress Report

Firstly HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO: this lady, this family & this family! I've followed these wonderful women, for about 3.5 years. I've seen them go through good times and bad. All the while holding on to their dream, of a daughter. At last, that dream is fulfilled... well, almost! In less than two months, these families will have their daughter's in their arms. I'm so so happy for you guys! Gives me goosebumps, and brings back so many wonderful memories of my own. It still boggles my mind, how I could feel so close, to so many "strangers" that I've never even met, who are so far away. I'm blessed to call the girls, my friends.
A friend emailed me, and asked how Tiny was going - so here's the skinny (I'm feeling extremely lazy tonight, so I've just copied and pasted from my email to her!!)

Well you know she's walking on her own now. Doesn't crawl at all now.
Knows her "nose" and "ear" and points to them when asked
Knows her name & our names (although doesn't say them, she'll look at the person if you mention their name)
She gives kisses now, when you ask for a kiss... awwww... its so sweet!
She's not a "cuddly" girl though. Will have a short cuddle when she wakes up, but she is definitely little Miss Independent!
Freaks out when I leave the room... even if she can see me, but can see I'm leaving, she starts a whiney-cry!
She loves Mr T now - and the kids, and doesn't like going to other people, even women.
She says Ta
She's eating steamed rice again (she refused to eat it once we left China!) but only if it has soy sauce on it!
She LOVES sweet stuff - especially CHOCOLATE!
Eats just about everything, but doesn't like tomato (or pasta with tomato base sauce)
Prefers "soupy" kind of food
Shes VERY loud!
She gives Milo a run for his money, in the pooping stakes!!!
Loves her bath - any water, for that matter!
Not so keen on the dogs. Is getting better. But TOTALLY let the "I've never been more scared in my life" scream when they first came near her.
Hated grass, but if ok with it now.. still not her favourite thing!
Haven't taken her to the beach yet... so the sand will be interesting!
LOves music, and dance when she hears it (even if its just one of her toys!) - she even bops along in the car!
She waves her fingers in the air, and sings... that means she wants you to sing twinkle little star
Loves books.
Not interested in TV - not even Wiggles etc
Not interested in dolls or teddies at all, but loves to push her own stroller, and dolls strollers
Doesn't like things on her head or in her hair - is keeping them on a little longer now, maybe 15 mins.
She laughs out loud, often - its the sweetest sound!

So thats about it, rivetting stuff, hey?!

Here's a movie, from tonight. Mr T found if he stomped hard on the floorboards, they made a loud sound, which totally enthralled Tiny!!! I just love her laugh, its contagious. She totally looks like "Happy Feet" at the end of the movie!! And Mr T looks like he's from the "RiverDance" troop!! (PS sorry for the crap heap looking lounge room... ironing board is out - high chair is out - magazine on the floor!!! Where the heck are those cleaning fairies?!!)

Here's a couple of pics from today... I just can't get enough of this face!!! She pulls 100 different faces everyday! She cracks me up!

And here's the finale.... I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME A CAPTION FOR THIS PHOTO - leave it in the comments! I'll pick a winner in a few days... you won't win anything, other than the satisfaction that you're a witty, clever individual!!


Jen said...

Loved reading all about Miss Tari! Thank you so much for sharing! She sounds precious! I'll have to get working on a similar post about Miss Emma, even though there will be no pictures for now! Wah!!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

She is toooo CUTE..
LOVE the photos..
Have a great week.

Catherine said...

OH! Can't get enough of those happy giggles!! It's hard to believe how quickly she's gotten stronger and more secure on her feet! Way to go Tiny!

Janet said...

I LOVE the giggles too! Really cute! And it was neat to hear your voice. And your accent....:-)

I have no clue about the caption. I'm too tired today....:-)

Linda said...

Love that giggle!!! She sure seems to be a happy little one.. The video is a scream...Mr T is quite talented...
Love hearing about Tari, she seems to be a little like Lauren. She is independent also, and does not seem to like stuffed animals or dolls that much... We are so lucky to have such a great gift in our lives. Linda

Jenni said...

re captions how about "now Mum, if you'd just come around this side more, this is my best side actually"
Isn't it funny how we do pretty much anything to hear that beautiful laugh our kids can make.
She is beautiful and it's so great to see how well she's fitting in the family. xx

PIPO said...

'Ya, mum, I saw the chocolate up there.'

Hah...my kiddo does not groove with the tomato sauces either. The faces are a riot.

She is so stinky cute. Watching her is getting me ready for the moment The Wing takes off running. It won't be long!

Julie said...

Great update - LOVE the photos!!!