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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Kits & Bits!

I've quickly put together these two pages, from the new freebie kit from Stacy. The kits are only free for one week - so get over there and download now! I use Photoshop Elements, then download or buy kits online. Kits are usually around $1-$6 if you want to buy. Here are a couple of great stores: Sunshine Stuidos, Groovy Scraps, Scrap that idea, Peppermint Creations, Lilypad, Free Digital Scrapbooking, And then there are the blogs that offer free kits - see a my post from last week for links. Its easy-peasy, and I love it!

This first page, is from our Bali holiday in 2004, H-man had his 3rd birthday in Bali! We went on an "Elephant Safari" - was really cool!

This next page, was from our last trip, in March, we visited the new Bali Safari Park, and got to pat a real live lion (albiet I'm pretty sure he was totally wasted on some kind of sedative!)

My Washing Machine. Ahhhh, my beloved machine. It pooped itself again, on Easter Sat (why does it always happen on a long weekend - then I have to wait four days before I can even ring anyone, let alone have someone come out and fix it?!!) The repair dude, took my (rusty) little motor away, and said it'll either be the brushes ($165), or the motor ($380). A week later, my (rusty) little motor was returned, with new brushes. Its all fixed. Its still screaming like a banshee, but it working, so I'm happy. Well, kinda happy. I can't believe the amount of washing we stack up in 10 days! Our little weekend trip away, added to the carnage, because we had a bonfire too! Nice. Nothing like smoke to go through an entire bag of clothes. I managed to get about 5 loads done yesterday. I reckon there's another 10 sitting on my laundry floor! (no kidding!) I'd just stripped all the beds, the day the machine pooped itself too - so there's sheets and towels everywhere as well. And you people thought it couldn't happen - but Tiny HAS run out of long pants (that fit her). Truly. So we're down to a bit of a mish-mash ensemble today, of a mini skirt and stripey tights!

WASHING MACHINE UPDATE (5pm Wed) - Would you believe, it's shat itself again?!!! Un-freakin-believable. This time, the repair dude thinks it sounds like the belt, its either busted, or just slipped off. OH FOR PETE SAKE!!!! WHY THE HECK DIDN'T YOU CHECK THE "WHOLE" DARN MACHINE, THE LAST 3 TIMES YOU'VE BEEN HERE?!!!!! I'm really really not happy now. Still got about 5 loads on the floor - one wet one in the machine - and he's coming back in 2 days. Thankfully, I have a wonderful neighbour, who's letting me wash the "wet load" in her machine. Think I'll be visiting the laundramat tonight, to get the rest done. I'm TOTALLY sick of having piles of laundry all over my house. Oh yeah - is forecast for 5 days of rain. Typical.

And I've said the best til last:

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my wonderful QLD friend's who finally their beautiful children in their arms. Thinking of you all, as you and your kiddies work through these initial days. No, its not really easy for anyone. But it gets better (and then it gets worse) then it gets better again! (once you're a parent, this cycle happens forever, I think?!!! Biological or not!!!)


Chelley said...

don't you just love the washing machines!!!

Mine decided that Easter would be a FUN time to go on holidays as well! Thankfully it is still under wannenty and didnt cost anything to get fixed!!!

Chelley said...

oh LOVE your SP's

PIPO said...

Girl, I just love your vacay photos!

Keep the good stuff coming..I can delude myself that I had a lovely vacay too.

Good luck washing up :0)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sorry to hear about the washing machine..
And the pages are GREAT..
Have a great week..

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Pity about the washing machine... ours just died... forget it... we just bought a new one...
Looks like all is going well... take care

M3 said...

Beautiful pages!!!
And huge sympathy on the dang washing machine.

Donna and Joe said...

Thanks for the scrapbooking links. I always love to investigate new sites for downloading...especially freebies!

Love your pages, especially the one with the green background. I really like to simple style of one photo with embellishments around it.

Donna :)