"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Friday, 3 April 2009

A week's happenings!

Alot can happen in a week! Then again, it seems like alot... but it really is alot of nothing?!!

Firstly, A few things I didn't mention early, re: our trip and homecoming...

I can't go anywhere without a good pukage. I was patting myself on the back, 2 days before we were due to leave, coz I'd been great. No sickness at all. Not even a runny nose (although the rest of our group were all sporting colds of some description). We waved goodbye to some of our friends - who'd been ill the day before, and I was bragging how I was all good. Darn it! I spoke too soon, and huge amounts of pukage ensued the night before we were due to go home. (and with pukage usually comes some sort of lava flow from below). Anyway, after about 3 hours, my "Husband of the Year" came to check on me, and went out to find a 24hr Chemist, at 2am. He came back with some non-spew pills... not that they were much good, as I puked em right back up, minutes after taking them.... but it was certainly the thought that counts!! I managed to keep the pills down the following morning, and took some just before we boarded, to make sure I didn't have any spew-drama on the plane. We all managed to get a few of hours sleep on the plane (its on a 5hr flight, boarding at midnight). But when I got home, I was utterly exhausted. I figured it was coz I'd been up most of the night before, as well as the exhastion from travelling. I fed Tiny brekkie when we got home, and went to bed. Only got about 1.5hrs rest, as the phone rang.
I decided I should try and do some laundry, as we had a huge pile - 2 weeks worth of clothes for 5 people! Well, as luck would have it... my machine wasn't working!!! Unbelievable!!! I called a repair dude, who couldn't come til Thurs. I managed to drain the machine, wetting my piles of clothes on the floor - which stunk to high-heaven by the end of the day (because I have big glass doors in my laundry, and it was hot). So... becasue I have nothing better to do, I then had to make a trip to the laundramat.

Anyway. Its now Friday. The repair man has been... removed the tiny pink plastic dolphin, that had jammed in the pump, and my machine is working again. I ended up having "battery acid" diarreaha for 3 days after I got home as well. (coz I'm sure you really needed to know that!) But you'll all be overjoyed to know... I'm all good now.

I've done a little scrapbooking since I got home, and have entered these two into a "monthly challenge". I don't think its my best work, but there were criteria I had to meet in each layout... ah the pressure!!! If you want to have a crack at the challenge yourself - head over to
Digi-chicks and check it out! (you'll be supporting wonderful Aussie girls too!) There'll be a new challenge every month. I love any reason to digi-scrap!!!

The Criteria for this one was, yellow & white, must be used. Four word title. Something New must be featured in photo. (this is the first photo, I had with Tiny.... hence the enormous smile... still makes me tear up when I see this photo!!! I just couldn't believe I was finally holding her!)

Criteria for this one was: Lots of white space. Pastel colours. B&W photo. One word title.

And now for some "home" shots of Tiny in action!
She actually wore these sunnies for a few minutes! And looking ever-the-diva!!

And this headband for about 10 minutes! Thanks to my fav B family for the Ride-On-Bug! We've found, riding it on carpet to be alot safer!!!

I don't usually like to post "nakie" photos on my blog... but the look of delight on her face was so sweet, I had to share! She just LOVES bathtime!

Mr T calls this her "Jail Bird" sleepsuit! I bought it coz the slogan is just so acurate!!! (it says "I'm as Yummy as my Mummy"... just in case you couldn't read it!!)

And lastly... BRING ON THE BABIES!!! I have about 6 friends teetering on the edge of insanity, as they wait (hopefully a matter of hours!) before they'll FINALLY see the faces of their long awaited children. I also have a few friends waiting for their travel notices, and hope to leave Australia to go and meet their babies, sometime in April. Ahhh... So much exciting ahead!!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sorry you were sooo sick..
LOVE the pages..
And the photos are amazing..
LOVE that little ride on ladybug..
Have a great week.

Chelley said...

heheh I do have to say that REALLY bites that you get sick like that when you are away!!!

YAY for washing from home!!! its those SIMPLE things that make life so sweet!!! Hopefully all future dolphins will take a swim somewhere else!

Janet said...

Love those jammies! Too cute!

Sorry you were sick. That just sucks.

PIPO said...

Love the piccies.

Now HOW did that dolphin swim up your laundry pipe?

Hope the battery acid has eased...egad!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Vomit and no washing machine... does not a good combo make. Hope this next week is SO much better!

Lisa~~ said...

So sorry that you were so sick, not the way to finish off a great holiday or to have to take care of the family. Great scrap book pages. Have a great weekend.