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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Milo's birthday

Its Milo's birthday today, and to celebrate, our friend (who owns Milo's Mummy and Dadd) threw a first birthday party, at the beach, for the 6 puppies! It was hilarious! We got official invitations on a photo of the Mummy and Daddy dogs. We were set to have coffee at the Kiosk on the beach, at 830am. When we got up, it was pouring with rain! Not great beach weather (particularly with 3 kids, and 2 dogs!)
Here's some pics:
"Good grief! Do you know what time it is... on a SUNDAY morning? And you've dragged me down to the beach, in the wind and rain? What sort of Mother are you, anyway? I'm ringin' the social worker."

Miss M gives Milo a walk before the rest of the party goers arrive

Chewy prefers to run

Windy Beach

CHAOS!!!If you can believe it - Milo's Mummy and Daddy are both very curly Spoodles... I think Milo was the milkman's puppy?!!

I wanted to get some nice pics of the three kids together, for a gift I'm making for my Mum and Mum-in-law for Mothers Day... thought they were really good (finally! a decent pic of the 3 of them together!!)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like you had a great time ...
Love the doggie photos..
Love the photos of the 3 kids all together..
Have a great Sunday..

M3 said...

Awesome photos of all the kids! Love them!

Happy bday Milo. :-)

Lisa and Tate said...

HOw fun to have a b-day party for the dogs! Each February 21 I think of getting together Mesa's pup friends, then I realize it is nasty weather and think maybe next year.. Next year is now 4 years later.

Lovin' the pictures of the three kids! Mini looks so happy amongst the bro and sis.

PIPO said...

Lawdy! LOVE those photos of the kids - they are fantabulous.

Now, the beach weather? I'm with Tiny...ugh!

Give Milo a belly rub for me.

kris said...

OMG why have I never thought to celebrate THIS big for my poor Boober-Do?? I am so doing a party for him this year!! HOW FUN!!


Debz said...

Now that's a party! LOL
I love that pic of the kidlings!
Miss T has the cutest grin on. ;0)

Linda said...

Pictures of kids just fantastic...pics of dogs good also.. Looks like fun!!! Linda


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Natalie said...

The picture of the children is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!What great kids you have.
Party looks like so much fun even with the bad weather.
I'm so happy for your family.:)

simply t said...

Look how cute those photos are of the 3 of them! Cute stuff!

Lynn Cameron said...

Love the fact that you always are having fun with your fam! Mini looks like she's always been with you- and in fact, she has, hasn't she? What's a spoodle?