"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Batches, BBQs & Bedtime

Batches: We caught up with our batch on Sunday, unfortunately only one other family could make it... so it was a nice intimate BBQ lunch! The weather was perfect, about 26 degreesC, and sunny ~ we met at a local park, with a great playground and lots of space to kick the footy. As we usually do, we chatted about how much longer we could possibly be waiting. The general consensus was we hoped it'd be by Christmas next year... but we aren't holding our breath! (sorry, no pictures... did you know it's illeg@l in our state to publish photos of adopted children? I'm not sure how that will work with our own child... might need to check into that) EDIT: Apparently its not allowed in "mainstream" media. So all should be good with the blog!

BBQs: On Saturday night, we had my best friend from School and her beautiful family over for tea. They have gorgeous 3 yr old twin girls (that are very UNidentical!) and she's due to have her third child in January. She assures me there is just one, but I've always thought there could be two in there!!! It was a fantastic night, as it always is when we eventually catch up (maybe twice a year!). The girls talked about babies, and the boys talked about their new toys (motorbikes, race cars, playstat!ons and projectors!) And I think my son has really taken to these girls... how will he ever choose which one he's going to date?!!!

Bedtime: I needed another B word for my title, and this was the best I could come up with!!! Sad, hey. Yep, I love to sleep.... what were you thinking I was going to talk about?!!

7 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!!! (yay!!!)


Debz said...

Yup 7 days....crazy isn't it.
Sounds like your enjoying your spring!

Headmeister said...

lol... I was very much enjoying your post until you slapped the dreaded 7 days til Christmas sentence at the very end!!! lol!!!