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Friday, 21 December 2007


It started to rain last night, and its still raining! Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining! We need water! I wish I had a camera when I drove to the bank this morning - the road was completed flooded! On some corners, the water went up to the doors, of some smaller cars!!! You can't really see that its raining in this photo, but it is! I have sheets on the line, and they are so wet they are nearly dragging on the ground!!! Also see our new fence! YAY! Last week both our Dads, Mr T and a friend, put up the back fence and a new side fence (not in this pic) - it's the cream one, at the back. Its lovely. No more sheets of ironing flapping in the breeze, that I'd tried to tie up with bits of wire and stuffed bits of wood in the gaps, to try and stop Chewy Dog from escaping! Next on the agenda, is Gingerbread cookies! I went to my sis-in-laws yesterday to watch a couple of the kids, while she worked, plus its a good reason to go down for a swim in their pool!!! The kids had a ball with their cousins, as always, and we made some gingerbread cookies too! They are sposed to be for Christmas Day - but I'll be very surprised if we have any left by then!!!
And lastly, a very good friend of ours is a Patisserie Chef and makes amazing dessert creations - this year, its Gingerbread Sleighs & Truffle Trees. Her Mum works for us, and gave us a Sleigh as a gift! Its amazing. She's so clever! I've ordered 2 Truffle Trees, and when they come, I'll snap a pic of them too!

4 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!!! (now I'm starting to freak myself out!!!)


cougchick said...

that sleigh is amazing. Can't wait to see the trees.
Are you going to eat them?

Made in China said...

I'll trade you the rain for 42 inches of snow. :o)

Love the gingerbread sleigh!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh my... forget the Gingerbread... I see you are using 'bananas' on the cookies... I haven't had those banana lollies (candy for Americans) in SO long - then the sleigh has Peppermint Leaves and Jaffas (the red balls for those who don't know) on there... ohhhh... lucky I am heading home in a month... I am starting to get real homesick...

Doris & Dan said...

Rain is better then snow!

Those are delish treats!

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

Yum. You just made me hungry. :-)

Stacy said...

Those cookies are so cute!! I hope you stashed a few for Christmas! :)

The sleigh is beautiful. What a nice treat.

I hope the rain stops soon!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Rachel said...

It seems so strange to me to hear you talking about summer! I can't even imagine having Christmas in the summer. We have over a foot of snow. :)

Have a blessed Christmas. I am so praying that little "****" is home with you before next Christmas.

Shannon said...

Wow, that sleigh is cool! Yummy too, I'd imagine...like those cookies... =)