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Friday, 28 December 2007

Carry On Only?

Miss i-Con has always stated she is going to China, Carry-on only (meaning: no large check-on suitcase... just one little baggie to fit into the overhead locker!) I always thought this was near impossible.

But, as I lay in bed last night, I was thinking about our up-and-coming holiday to China (did you notice my new ticker?)... and my thoughts were of luggage. We plan on arriving in Beijing, then travelling by TRAIN to Xian, from there we'll fly to Shenzhen, then ferry or train over to Hong Kong. Hmmm... I reckon it's going to be a big fat pain in the butt, dragging two giant suitcases (carrying enough stuff for 2 adults and 2 children)! I think we'll go Carry-On only!!! So first thing this morning, I was up, checking out the carry-on sizes, and then doing some online research as to what is best.

I found it. I ordered it. WE ARE GOING CARRY ON ONLY, BABY!!!

This little beauty is called a Paklite Origin Trooper! Isn't she beautiful?!! I must have a "thing" for pockets and handles... coz that's what sold me on her! We are getting black. Although I like the khaki, coz it's different, Mr T liked boring black. Did I mention that she was half price, and free shipping, too?!!! Ahhhh... I love online shopping... no crowds of pushy smelly old ladies, no screaming kids (well... that's debatable, round here), no shopper-rage (Mr T even knows how much I paid!!!).

Yes, I'm in la-la land, thinking we'll be able to go carry-on only, but I've bought the bags, so we're doing it, damn it!!! I'm even starting to enter into the fairy-tale land of "Maybe we could go carry-on only when we go to get Mini?"!!! HA! We'll see about that...


Paklite Origin
Teflon Coated Polyester and Nylon Fabric
Inline Skate Wheels For Easy Manoeuvrability
Height Adjustable Trolley Handles
Waterproof Pockets For Swim Wear Or Shoes
Detachable Shoe Bag Included
Trooper Trolley 53cm Airline Int'l CABIN SIZE 40Lt 3.8kg 56 x 39 x 24
Huge Main Compartment
Detachable shoe bag to prevent soiling
Internal tie downs to secure contents
Internal - One full length and two half-length mesh pockets
External - One full-length and two half-length side pockets
External - Top Wet Pocket
Tough Easy Roll wheels with corner protectors
Wide tracking wheels for easy manoeuvrability
Extendable retractable trolley handle
Three carry handles - top, front and side - for easy loading and lifting
Soft-touch rubber grips on carry handles
Extra strong webbing straps
Integrated compass
Bottom and side scuff guard
Protector strips on side and back
Corner protectors on top of bag
Integrated ID name tag
Lockable zippers on all compartments and pockets
Extra strong size #10 zipper on main compartment
Foldable space saving design for storage
Brand: ( Paklite )


Chelley said...


I have a thing for bags! And that looks way cool!! how much does it weigh?????? Without things in it!?!?!

OziMum said...

3.8kg empty - have added details to post, now!

momladybird said...

Ummmm good luck! We are at the packing stage and there is no way in heaven we would fit everything in that case! lol.........
Another thing to consider THE TIME OF YEAR you will travel????

we had great plans for travelling all over China but because we are now travelling close to CNY we cannot get flights as all the chinese students are travelling to china and of course returning back to Oz about the same time we will be so our travel plans have been scaled down DRAMATICALLY!

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momladybird said...

ha ha ha!!! me again, now i thought you were talking about when you travel to china for your little one! sorry about that will teach me toread more thoroughly. I was thinking good lord how you were going to fit all that baby stuff in that little bag!
Your trip sounds awesome! how exciting!

Anonymous said...

They look great. Do you mind posting the web addy of where you brought them for half price and free shipping??


Kim said...

You are so smart to do COO, as I was lugging two huge bags, a backpack, a small roller bag and a baby through the airport I kept thinking what an idiot I was for bringing all this stuff with me!

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

Really nice bag! So pretty! I bet you are getting so excited about going to China!

Happy 2008 girlie!

Janet said...

You are very brave! I am going to DIE when I travel and actually have to LIMIT my stuff.....LOL!

Shannon said...

Snazzy! I love pockets! COO is going to take soooo much planning. (Like I don't have time to do that! haha)
Eager to hear how vacation goes!

Catherine said...

Good for you! You're a better woman than I am. I think I could go COO until I consider all the makeup, hair stuff, meds etc. and then that does me in. Also have 1 bag that has to go CO so it cancels out my CO item.

Have a GREAT time! Will love to get some packing tips from you once you've given this a whirl.

What fun to be counting down to China! Yeah!! Your practice run to Mini should be wonderful.

i-Con said...

Oooohhhh...you HAVE to let me know how that baby works out.

I may be a lunatic but I remain committed to COO