"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Sunday, 9 December 2007


Ahhh - I've been so busy the last few days! I haven't even checked my emails since Wed!!! We've had our two Christmas Parties this week (have to have 2 on different nights, so that our guys on rotating rosters, all get a chance to come!). The kids have had a class party each. Classroom pack up and cleaning, at 930, yesterday morning, then onto our China Adoption Support Group Christmas Picnic! This is my third year at the Adoption Support picnic. I thought I'd feel like a square peg in a round hole. Our friends have their little girl now, and we're still waiting. We laughed and chatted with our friends, and some folks from their batch. Mr T was Santa, so that was a good laugh! (only about 6 babies cried!!! I said to their Mums the first time he asked me to sit on his lap, I was scared too!!!) We all bring a pressie for our kids, clearly labelled with their names - so it's really good, coz we know what our kids want etc!!! We told our kids before we got there, that Dad was going to be Santa, because when Miss M was about 3 at a Daycare Christmas Party, we recognised her Daddy was Santa and started screaming "That's my Daddy!" I had to usher her out pretty quickly, before mass hysteria broke out!!! The kids were cool with that, but had to be sworn to secrecy!! While our friends were busy chasing their new baby, I noticed a couple sitting by themselves. They were close enough to our group, to know they were with our group, but far enough away to say "we're not quite part of your group yet"! I went over and introduced myself followed by a tactful "So you're waiting parents?.... Me Too!" We had a fabulous chat (for over an hour!), and discovered, their file only went in August this year. They said it's ok - coz they've been told from the outset - it'll be a few years!!! The Christmas party is always bitter-sweet. Its wonderful to see all the newly arrived babies, and the kiddies that have been with their families for years - but it still breaks my heart, that we don't have our little one yet.

Rum0ur Qveen has posted a record of referrals over the last year or two. And for the last 9 months CC@@ have not allocated more than 8 days in a month. Before that, they were allocating 12-18 days per month. I hope the rumours come true, that once they hit the 2006 files, they'll start allocating closer to 15 days per month. If that's the case, we can expect a referral next year. If it doesn't happen - it'll be 2009.

I attempted to clean up Ground Zero (my office) yesterday and found this, hidden under a pile of stuff!
It's a counted cross stitch I bought on ebay about 2 years ago! (yeah, it's probably been 2 years since I gave the office a good clean!!!) I love it. Its definitely a challenge, and finding the time to do it, will probably be the bigger challenge!!! I hope I do get it done.

We went to a friend's place for a bbq last night, and as happens quite often when I get together with my friends - the discussion turned to children/babies! I love to talk about our adoption, she IS a real part of our family, and I like our family and friends to think of her that way too. Anyway, we got to talking about names (again!). It is truly my favourite topic. I love to hear what other people like/don't like. Mr T still wasn't convinced the name I really like, is the name for our daughter. Mr T would like to give her a Balinese name. We tossed around a few other names, that I don't mind, and I talked to the kids about it this morning. Miss M said she was going to leave home, if we changed it again and H-Man said I like what you like Mum!!! So it was put back on Mr T - and he's agreed to her name! He's adamant on her middle name... I can cope with that! Ahhh - it's so exhausting trying to agree on a name. I like to think that it's now set. And NO, I'm not telling til she's allocated, otherwise you might say something to make me change my mind again!!! So, God willing, that her name doesn't become the no.1 popular name of the year - she has a name.


Doris & Dan said...

Good stuff! Busy partying and name picking. Have fun.

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

I'm so glad you went over and talked to that couple. It was so nice of you!

cougchick said...

It's funny to see Christmas and picnic in the same sentence.

I'm glad to hear you have new confidants in your support group. More shoulders to lean on.

Totally unrelated topic: They had a special recognition at our Christmas program for our Aussie Teacher, Mrs. Carter, who swapped jobs,homes,lives with my Son's teacher (who is presently in your lovely town). She was a neat lady and made your country proud. They are due to swap back in January. What a cool idea.

I'm still loving Till for a name.

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

Sounds like you did some great partying!

I am so curious about her name now - come on CCAA, move faster! I need to know her name! LOL!

Shannon said...

Miss M. cracks me up. Loved her leaving home comment! I'm like that with my parents, too! =) I can't believe your gonna make us wait along with the CC@@ to find out about your little one's name! Patience has NOT yet found me!

rubyiscoming said...

Enjoy the parties and name picking - we are in the same boat right now :)

I hope you are right about the rumours for an increase in 2006 referrals, but I'm not holding our breath - I still think it will happen in Aug or Sept 2008 for us with a LID of 2/17/06. Maybe the CC@A will finally give me a pleasant surprise and speed up! :)

Made in China said...

Sounds like fun times!!

Debz said...

Congrats on finding a name! We are still playing the name game.
The cross stitch is beautiful. I have a ton of them that I'd love to get to work on, hopefully in the new year. It is time consuming...I think I should set it in the nursery and go in at least once a day to sit and work on it for an hour....I spend at least that much time just standing in the kitchen wondering what to do next anyhow!