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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Will it be Blue?

Last month, a Victorian batch (another Australian State) had 3 boys allocated in it! And apparently 2 of the families, specifically requested girls?!!! Yikes!!! I don't know the details of the families involved, whether they accepted their referrals etc... just the news of it has shocked me!!!

Our initial application we applied for either male or female. After our Social Worker visit, she has recommended us for a female child. Maybe because we discussed our preferences, and we stated we were prepared for a female child, being that alot more females are up for adoption than males.

Anyhoo... I've spent the day with Mr Ts family, and my MIL asks me, what if we're allocated a boy! I told her about the Victorian batch, and she wets herself laughing! Plus to top it off, Mr T (reckons) he's always said it'll be a boy?!! I dunno what drugs that bloke is on, but he hasn't always said that (outloud, anyway!)

So my 13 year old nephew and I sat down with their 50,000 names, baby name book - and here is the list we concocted:
Alex (greek) means defender of men
Thomas (hebrew) means Twin
Kalen (arabic) means friend or (irish) means mighty warrior
Jed (hebrew) friend of God
Aaron (hebrew) mountain
Ben (hebrew) son of my right hand
Wil (English) means determined guardian
Asher (hebrew) happy
Mason (english) works with stone
Evan (hebrew) God is gracious
Quinn (irish) means strong
Archer (english) means defender
Max (latin) The greatest!
Jett (hebrew) means abundant or (english) means hard black mineral?!!
Axel (latin) means axe or (german) means source of life
Kai (Haiwaiin) means ocean or (welsh) means keeper of the keys - pronounced Kye
Jai (Thai) means heart - pronounced Jye
Aiden or Arden (latin) means firey
Jay (english) means Jaybird
Samuel (hebrew) God has heard
Jared (hebrew) means decendent

So give it to me. The best and the worst. I know which one is my fav.... but I'm not spilling the beans... yet! Remember... this was my list + my nephews list, I'm not sold on a few of them, although thought they were list worthy, as unusual considerations. MIL's pick was Jay, and SIL's pick was Kalen. Give me a name combo too... first and middle name!


amy said...

I love all of them. I would say the name Axel is my least favorite simply because I have taken care of a few in the past 6 years..We have a lot in common. These are awesome!

Special K said...

I love Quinn, Kalen and Asher. My favorite is Aiden. I wanted to name my son that...if I ever had one. LOL! But it's gotten so popular.

Of course this is coming from the woman who chose to name her daughter Mia...then realized that every other adopted Chinese girl is named Mia. Oh well....

I say choose a middle name after a family member.

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

Oh! They are all so nice! I love the names Quinn and Asher!

Stacy said...

We also put down either on our application, so every once and a while we will throw around boy names. We can't seem to agree on a boys name.

From you list I REALLY like Kalen. I have never heard that name before, and I really like it!

PattiB said...

My favorite is Asher. We know 2 Asher. It is the name of one of the tribes of Isreal also. It is unique (at least for now). But why all the fuss..YOU ARE GETTING A GIRL!!!
Happy New Tear.

Shannon said...

No Axel! Makes me think of Guns & Roses! =) You already have H. so I'm not sold on Wil (although I like it). I've seen several Aidan's lately. Hmmmm. I like Ben, Jared and I had a lovely student once named Quinn. His brother was Blake, which I've considered if I ever get a "blue" surprise. Have fun considering!

Shannon said...

I forgot to mention that if you get twins you can name them HerMajesty and HisMajesty like the two at my school. SERIOUSLY!!!!

Rachel said...

Well you better have a girl or the new name beads that I sent for the DRESS will not work. LOL! I don't like Jay. Evan is good. :)

rubyiscoming said...

just want to say THANKS! thank you for all the love and support.

we are still deeply grieving, but appreciate your concern. yes, we are planning on prosecuting if we can.


rubyiscoming said...

P.S. I love Quinn :)

P.P.S. I guess we'll never know a Clara now so that name is open again.

Janet said...

My favourite is Kai. Kai Samuel. There you go, I named your son. :-)

Mom2Boober-Do said...

I am really loving Archer, just because it sounds so original without sounding weird... good luck making a decision. I have a very good friend (blog: www.sophiemakessix.blogspot.com) who has a son named Asher so it makes me think of him!

Mom2Boober-Do said...

Evan is my fave on the list though :O)

Princess Diaries said...

Well, at least you are prepared! I really like you list of boy names. You will definately be referred the right child for you, I believe it in my heart.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh my... what would I do if I were given a boy... of course I would take him... I know a girl here Kai... Quinn is nice... Have a great 2008 and for speedy referrals for everyone... take care and keep safe...

Colleen said...

First I thought Kalen. Its just so different, but then the name Kai got me. Love the meaning.

Debz said...

Those are some awsome names gosh it's hard to only pick a couple.....Asher Kai or Kai Samuel or Samuel Kai....I really like Kai.

Ruby Cate said...

I like Kai and Asher. Both are kewl but if I can only pick one, let's assume that that's the rule here, my vote's on Kai, just so unique & original... I love it!

There, my 2 cents in the pot.



Chelley said...

hope that you havent been over loaded with names and hey this isnt even on your list!

I love Kynan..

I know that what ever you are blessed with boy or girl you will have the "right" name