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Thursday, 10 January 2008


I first read about it on Doris' site:

I don't know whether its the 42 degreeC (107F) heat today, but I've officially moved into the "Whatever" zone. If the heat is effecting your brain too - it means... NO MORE UPDATE BOX. Our Agency is not very helpful, and advises it's clients, NOT TO RING! I sure as crap can't see them coping with folks phoning them every month for an update.

I just don't give a rip anymore. Yes, it's great for the families that finally receive their allocations. But for the rest of us... we'll just sit here in the dark, til someone comes and shines an almighty spotlight in our eyes and tell us that it's over.

So, what do you think, waiting with the "lights on" ~ being fully informed, or waiting in "the dark" ~ and getting a surprise?!!

My answer:

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Cristina said...

That sure does bite the big banana OziMum. Hugs going your way xxx


Pug Mama said...

I agree 100%.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I don't think it matters much in the big picture, but we all had to blog about it for posterity, ya know? Would have been a nice picture to glue in teh scrapbooks. As far as going on and living our lives...I just wish I could find more of one to live! Aaargh!

Ava's family said...

Whatever is right! I think I'm totally numb with the whole process any more. I would have liked to see our LID in the box, but whatever!

Doris & Dan said...

I am getting there...our agency does not know their head from their arse at times.

Special K said...

My agency has no communication AT ALL between LID and referral. Seriously. Nothing. But I knew that when I signed on. However, how they handle the referral, travel and the in China trip is reported to be flawless and legendary. Which is why people choose them.

I just have to rely on the world wide web and RQ. So I'm with you. I'm not sweating this.

Briana's Mom said...

So glad you are not sweating it!

Janet said...

ARG! And your agency tells you NOT to call? WOw. that's helpful, isn't it? Brother. Whatever. :-)

i-Con said...

Nice bum and tramp stamp you got there ;0)