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Friday, 4 January 2008


A couple of nights ago, Mr T & I were kid-free for a couple of hours, so we whipped in and saw a movie! Because of our time schedule there wasn't much to choose from, I was hoping to see I am Legend - but it was on later, so instead we saw National Treasure The Book of Secrets. We loved the first movie, and the second one was just as action packed (and had it's far-fetched moments too!!!) It was entertaining with a nice ending!

While we were there, we saw the trailers for Kung Fu Panda We are SOOOOO going to see this movie! H-Man absolutely loves Kung Fu stuff! It doesn't come out til June - but we'll be there!


Chelley said...

oh oh oh I so so REALLY REALLY <--- ya think I want to go see this movie LOL!!

When I was watching the end of the Amazing race the other day and they adveisted it I almost jumped of the couch!!!

I LOVED the first one! Have watched it 4 times!! (YES I AM A VERY exciting PERSON)

And Nick Cage is SUCH a babe!!!

Johnny said...

Yes, it's a semi-national secret that we have hidden, fantastic monuments all around us!

It was fun to watch, tho.

Janet said...

I think we're going to see National Treasure for our date night! It looks so good, and I loved the first one!

Doris & Dan said...

That is a fun night!

Thx for sharing that movie preview...gonna catch that one!

Keep smilin!

Chelley said...

I went and saw it last night!


do you think that the PAGE 47 thing was leadning to another movie?????