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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Happy Day!



My E.b.a.y purchases came in the mail today! They are the cutest baby shoes, ever! Wouldn't you know it... they're from China! Each pair ended up costing me around AUS$8 (inc postage!) They're all soft leather, and have heaps of gorgeous designs. I've bought some before, but I know about 8 girls due to have babies in the next couple of months, so thought I should get some more, as gifts! I love dragonflies, so they'll be going straight into Mini's wardrobe!! Check out their e.b.a.y store they ship worldwide.
*sigh* If only Mini were here to actually wear all this gear?!


Stacy said...

Lots to Celebrate!

Happy Birthday Lily!!!!!!

Happy Australia Day!!

Chelley said...

Happy Australia Day!!! Throw another snag on the barbie mate!

AND those shoes ARE SO CUTE!!!!!

Janet said...

Happy Australia Day, Mate. (that was my pathetic attempt to sound Australian. Did it work?)

Catherine said...

Happy Australia Day! What does your family do to celebrate?

Happy Birthday Lily!!!!!

Cute little slippers! Going to check out the store.

Alyson & Ford said...

Happy Birthday to Lily!

Happy Australia Day! (I looked it up after your posting)


Desiree said...

Love the shoes!! (previous post)
Happy Australia Day!!

rubyiscoming said...

LOVE THE SHOES :) too cute!
Happy Australia Day - most fun I have ever had on that date was in Whistler, BC about 7 years ago - there were tons of Aussies - a big ol' party - much fun

i-Con said...

Happy Birthday to Lily AND Happy Aussie Day.

Love those kind of ebay finds!