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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Ahhh... I love shopping!

I've got shopping fever!!!

I redeemed my Gymbucks, then whipped over to Pumpkin Patch and cleaned up at their summer sale; and today I was kid-free, which is always a good reason to hit the shops!!!

And Man! Did I score!!! Target was having their Summer clearance,

I scored:

a skirt ($7!!! was $45)

top ($14 was $40)

knitted cardy ($11 was $50)

sleeveless shirt ($11... was $30)

2 nighties ($10 was $20) = $53 spent / saved $132!!!!!

Ahhh.... I REALLY love shopping.
Yes, I do have a "thing" for black and white.
Yes, I did sticky tape the sleeves of the cardy to the door, so you could see the sleeves.
Yes, I need to buy more clothes, coz I'm getting fatter.
Yes, the clothes are on a "hand-knitted" coat hanger that my 80 year old Nanna made for me.
No, I haven't cut those ribbon-hangy-thingies off the cardy yet.
No, I won't be wearing the black & white top together with the black & white skirt (unless of course, I smoke some hippy weed, coz I reckon that'd be a real spin out!!!)
No, please don't ring my social worker, I don't smoke hippy weed. Its ok to eat in cookies though, isn't it?!!! No, no, no!!! I really am kidding. Only good Christian folk around here. ;)


Doris & Dan said...

Great deals!! You are too cute!

Keep smilin!

Rhonda said...

Sa-weet deals!

Debz said...

You get the bestest deals! Got any tips?

krj said...

Oh come one now... even good Christian folk like to toke, admit it ;P

Great buys, and I too love black and white.

Julie said...

Oh my - you brat! I love Pumpkin patch and didn't realize they sell to the USA now. Off to deplete my bank account. Cute finds!

Pug Mama said...

girl, you're funny! Hippy weed!

PattiB said...

Love the shopping finds!! And I am headed to the Pumpkin Patch site right now!!! Being as we are on the opposite side of the world..it is winter her, but I will stock up for next summer!!! We even had a "snow day" today from school. So I have been doing what??? Checking out everyones blogs and shopping online (there are some great Winter clearances going on here in the US).
PS- Love the skirt most!!!!

Janet said...

Great buys! I LOVE the skirt!!!!

M3 said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that skirt. I need it! (I am not even kidding). Now you know I'm going to have to go to Target tomorrow on the off chance that they have it.

Chelley said...

now when I saw this I thought Oh shes got the new couch!!!

Man I need to go shoping with ya gal!

Kim said...

Hehe you crack me up!

Jen said...

Oh you are the funniest OziMum! I can't believe you got one of those tops for $11 - I paid the $40 I think!!!! - and I can't get to any sales 'cause I live so darn deep in the country! Oh well - I'll just enjoy your shopping! Good fun post!
Jen and Ebony