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Friday, 11 January 2008

I'm honoured... literally!

The gorgeous Lisa, has honoured me with an Award!

This is what Lisa had to say bout lil ole me:
2. Australia to China - Who knew I would become blog buddies with someone on the other side of the world from me? Ozimum shares her mantra "Laugh. Live. Love." with the blog world. I love her upbeat attitude about the wait for her China daughter, and I enjoy reading about her life and family.

Wow! I'm speechless!!! Nah, not really... I've always got something to say! So here 'tis...

Firstly THANK YOU LISA! I truly am honoured.

And secondly, yes, I started this blog for one purpose. To journal our journey to our Daughter. But it's become more than that. It's a chance to connect, with like-minded folks. To share my highs & my lows. To lean on the "invisible" shoulders of so many that have joined my journey and walk with me. I am, who I am, on my blog. I don't hide the fact that I'm a Christian (like I did when I was younger). I don't hide the fact that my kids, do drive me nuts sometimes ~ but I'll love them forver. I don't pretend that life is perfect, instead celebrate what I have.

I'm so blessed to have great family and friends. That's who this purposeful blog is for. To celebrate life with me, even if they don't live near me. Thanks again, Lisa!

Now, I have to nominate 5 people who've not been nominated for this award, and their blog must serve a purpose. Each recipient must link back to this site.

I nominate:

Cristina: A fellow Aussie, who makes me laugh, and said "poo" on her site!!! It's been so exciting watch her meet her baby girl, Alice, and watch her live and grow, through her blog.

Ford & Alyson: Wow. You guys always make me think. I love your amazing attitude. I do imagine Alyzabeth An, you won't need to imagine for much longer!

Ruby is Coming: I just love the title of your blog! There is no Question - RUBY IS COMING! This little award still isn't enough. You are truly an amazing lady. I love your stories of travel - and am hanging out for your China story!!!

Mary-Mia: I'm sure someone else has already nominated you, coz you are just a legend!!! Long before I met you, you inspired me, with your wit and love for life. I met you, and you're just as amazing in person! (and you too, Rod!) I feel so privileged to have been able to be with you (good ole www.) when you met your girls. And through every post, see their sweet little faces.

Connie: Once again, you are one popular chick, on the blog circuit, Lady, so I have no doubt that someone has already nominated you!! But I'm going to do it anyway, coz you inspire me. Encourage me. And you always make me laugh! You are so generous. AND you are logged in the day after me, so that's got to count for something doesn't it?!! Keep swimming with those duckies, Jayden will be coming home.


1. Awarded parties must nominate five people who have not received the award.

2. The blogs that receive the award must serve some purpose.

3. In their post about the award they need to link back to this entry.

4. Awarded parties must post the award banner on their site. The banner must remain linked to this site.


Cristina said...

Wow Ozimum - I am truly honoured! Did I say poo on my site??? My days seem to be full of it, so I probably did! Hey - I'm a Christian too, very glad to see that you are part of the club!

Cristina xx

Alyson & Ford said...

Thank you so much for thinking of us!! My DH is the great writer on our blog. I asked him to post about your award to us today, he's such a great hubby!! Thank you.... we will continue our journey together....

LID 01/27/06

Rebel said...

Cool - I found your link after Brianna's mom gave you an award. I am an American living in Australia - and I will travel to China in Feb/March (waiting on TA) to meet my 3 year old daughter - Lilli AnHui!
I hope your wait is not much longer!

Cheers, Rebel

Melissa said...


Doris & Dan said...

Celebrating life with ya!

Keep smilin!

Briana's Mom said...

You are so welcome sweetie! You and your blog are awesome!

(OOoooo, I like that gorgeous comment - LOL!!!!!)

M3 said...

Thank you sweetheart -- I am so thankful we got to meet in person! Much love to you,

i-Con said...


Thank you, lurve.

You always make me smile from half a world away. Even when it isn't a happy, happy post...well, you just speak to me, lady.

Besides, I have to get my sunshine fix this time of year by viewing pictures you post!

Here's hoping we both get our dose of baby in 2008.