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Monday, 12 January 2009

I'm HOT!

That is probably a very deceiving title!!! ..... hmmmm.... ok, you're right... I AM HOT!!!

It's friggin 38 degreesC, today and forecast 41 degreesC (108F) for tomorrow!!! Yikes!!! We're staying inside in the air conditioning, tomorrow, and watching movies, ALL day!!! We have a very dry heat, here, in Summer... so you absolutely FRY if you sit out in the hot sun!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on the new do - I'm so happy its shorter for summer!

FINALLY... after about 3 months, of watching him wobble his tooth.... IT CAME OUT!!!

(doesn't he look like the "MAD" comic kid?!!)

Thought I'd add some "refreshing" photos from the weekend, too ~

H-man "surfs it up"!
Miss M... future Miss Australia?!!
H-Man and Cousin K - mid air!


Chelley said...

oh sister ya dam are with the NEW do!

Oh that right you were talking bout the weather!!!

Agh its HOTTER here in the OUTBACK!!

And we have no beach to run to and the local swiming pool that was JUST BUILT BRAND NEW is BROKEN!!! so guess where we are not going!!!

Chelley said...

wooohoooo!! so Mr tooth fairy is coming!!!!

Chelley said...

Or is it? Miss?

Ava's family said...

Oh I know what you mean.....Darn this hot weather! Enough already!!

When I saw "I'm HOT" for your blog title I thought....Gosh, her new sexy hair style has gone to her head!!

I hope the tooth fairy was good the H man. The fairy pays more for front teeth here in Michigan! =)

a Tonggu Momma said...

He totally looks like the MAD comic kid. Oh, my lands does he.

And stay cool.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the pictures..
Looks like you are having lots of fun..
Have a great week.
Stay in the pool...

Tami said...

You're hot...and we're freezing. We're expecting another three inches of snow today...and its blowing around 50 mph! Can we trade places? Just for a weekend?! :)

Rachel said...

Oh, I would love a little of your warmth. We are suppose to have three days of below 0 temps ( you can do the conversion-LOL) with blizzard like conditions....snow and wind. UGH!!! I feel school closings coming on.

Mike and Rhonda said...

Trade you......the highs will be in the teens (F) this week!

The hair is adorable! Now you have me wanting a "make over". I have the mom do, starting to think I need something a little "hotter".

How is that baby girl?

PIPO said...

I LOVE that picture of your MAD comic kid!

Heh, hot schmot. It's set to be -5F here tonight. I'll gladly share some of mother nature's air conditioning.

Liene said...

Warmth and swimming pools. I'm jealous. I don't want it to be that hot but our high temp tomorrow is 2C - low of minus 10C tomorrow night!!! Brrr.... Up north where the Ohio gals are it's even colder!!!

Shannon said...

What fun! We'll be over in a few to join in the festivities! Such a great toothless photo! Mad kid hahaha =)