"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Penguins and Panda Eyes

One guess, as to where this gorgeous gift came from?!! Yes! Tiny's SPECIAL Ohio Auntie!!! Aaaawww... I absolutely LOVE this gift! How cute are those PJs?!!! And the little "no spill" cup thingie... I've never even seen one like that before! Cool!!! (we live under a big rock, here in Australia... there's lotsa things we don't have ~ canned pumpkin ~ cheese in a bottle ~ butt paste... I could go on forever!)

This morning, I awoke from my slumber at 215am. I was thinking about our taxi ride from the Shanghai airport to our hotel - that we are arranging ourselves. I was thinking about how NOONE speaks English (including taxi drivers). I was worried, we wouldn't go to the right hotel!! So at 3am, the worry got the better of me, and I got up to surf the net to find our Hotel name and address in Chinese, for the cabbie!!! I found it. I can rest easy now. I did some other things, then went back to bed at 530am. I woke up to the phone ringing at 930am!!!

What am I going to be like when we are REALLY close to travel?!! Yikes. In our Tari Forever Day photos, I'm going to look like an inverted Panda!!! (white with black rings around my eyes, instead of black with white rings!!!)

I've got 19 days to get some sleep.

We saw Marley and Me last night. I really liked it. I was a little annoyed because my husband "let the dog out of the bag", so to speak, and told me how it ended... before the movie had even begun. Its a nice movie. A no-brainer. No real plot, its more of a "real life" kinda movie ~ which is funny, coz I don't tend to like those sort of movies!!!

Oh yeah, I bought a new camera. Coz that's what you do, when you're trying not to spend money, to pay for a hugely inflated donation. Anyway - I got this. It was almost 1/2 price, because it's been superceded. I don't care, as long as it takes nice photos!! Its what I like to call "semi automatic"! You can set it on auto - or focus manually etc. Its got the nice big lens for clear close ups. (which I've tested - and it's 100 times better than my pocket cam.)

Now, here's a question for those "been there, done that" people. Do I take it to China? I know, I bought it to take to China, but now, I'm thinking its alot bigger (and alot heavier than my pocket camera). We're taking the movie camera, and Todd has a new "underwater" pocket digital camera (just in case you do a spot of scuba diving with Tiny, in China?!!!) and we've got a Sony Cybershot pocket camera (which I love - takes good photos - is very easy to use).


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Special K is Amazing..
Love the little cup..
You are getting close girly..

a Tonggu Momma said...

Special's got great taste. Because that applies to everyone who loves black-and-white animals. :)

Janet said...

Great stuff! I LOVE sippy cups. No spillage. It's a good thing.

kathy said...

Hi there long time lurker here. so many congratulations, tiny is beautiful. for my two cents i would take the smaller camera, your not going to get great portrait quality pics, but i found i was crying for the entire two weeks so the pics werent fab anyway. and the easier the access and the lighter weight the better just my two cents though what ever you take it will be fine your getting you baby!!!!

Chelley said...

Not that I have been there and done that....

but my guess taking a camera that you are not use to could be a real PAIN in the bum!

You know the camera you have no WELL and as long as you are able to take the pics and not lose any of them then stick with it!!

Was this the camera that lost your last China photos?

OziMum said...

It is the same camera... but it wasn't the camera that was the problem... it was the nasty 8gb jump drive that I was downloading the pics to.

Special K said...

Can't wait to see Tiny in her jammies! It's crazy to think that I had my hand on those things and now they're halfway around the world. So cool! You're very welcome, my friend.

PS. That's a snack trap. For like cheerios and other little finger food so Tiny can carry it around and not dump them. She'll poke her fingers in the little hole to get to them. Don't put liquid in it. It'd be everwhere. LOL!

Jen said...

Hey - love your goodies! :0)

My hubby is taking his Nikon, which is kind of heavy, but takes great photos. I'm taking my simple and small Kodak Easy Share, which is almost 5 years old, but still takes pretty good photos, all of the ones you see on my blog - not award winning, but fine for me!

Deb said...

You will LOVE the snack trap! You'll keep the goldfish & cheerios neat & Tiny will think she's having great fun! That is going to be your most useful item in China...don't lose it ;-)

Deb M. in MT

amy said...

I will be learning with you. what fun stuff!!!!!

PIPO said...

Ahh...you got the Special K bird too! I love it.

I hate to say this but as far as the trip and getting my girl I have never been more relaxed. I'm not worried about one single thing except WHEN.

Hmmm...I wonder when it will hit me and I'll become an inverted panda too.

19 days....LOVE THAT!

Natalie said...

You are so close. What a beautiful little girl you are going to be a Mum too. I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to see you meet her. Try to rest, as if you could, because you will be so busy. Exciting times are just around the corner.