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Monday, 19 January 2009

Weekend Frivolity

We went up the River for the weekend! Our last holiday, as a family of four!

Miss M tried to water skiing... lots of times! She did get up and do quite well (which I didn't film, doh!) but fell off and said she'd hurt herself, so it was all over. H-man had one go at skiing, then cried and said he didn't want to do it anymore! Both kids, love the airhead (flat tube), and spent most of the weekend on it!

H-man found himself a little girlfriend, named Holly. He was quite taken with her!! They had several airhead rides together... it was very cute. H-man is terrible with names, and just referred to her as "the widdle girl". She was 6, but quite petite. Even Holly's Mum came over and had a chat and said "So you're the new inlaws"?!!! Too funny!!!

We have some great friend's who's parents own a caravan, that is based permanently at the caravan park, and let us stay there for the weekend. It was fantastic. And what's more, some other very good friends, also have a van, about 4 doors up! It was their boat that we were in, and they graciously let us join them in the water sports!

I must mention, that I (attempted) to ski. I "used" to be good at it. I haven't skied for about 3 years... 3 years too long!!! I was all off balance, and spent more time in the water than on it!!! Mr T says he's proud of me, coz I can still get out of the water! But, I think it'll be the last time. I AM SO SORE!! Every muscle is aching!!! My pathetic attempt at skiing was embarrassing. Observing in the boat, seems more my style these days?!!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I remember when I was just tubing it made me sore....
LOVE the photos..
Have a great week..
It is almost time..

PIPO said...

I am incredibly jealous of that WARM WEATHER 'ewe' are enjoying :0)

Janet said...

If I was TOTALLY rich, I would come and visit you. That looks SO amazing and wonderful!

potandkettle said...

You all do it right! Glad you all had fun...20 days, huh? Can't wait to hear you're on your way.