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Friday, 23 January 2009

Afixing labels

Due to SeaStar's request, I'll tell you about my labels! I know some of you, will think I'm totally crackers, and "over the top"... but I figure, if you're going to do something - do it right.

When I gathered the few things I was going to send Tiny, I knew I wanted to make sure my baby got them. I don't care, if they get left behind for the other kids, but thought it'd be nice to know that she got to play with them, and see our photos and get the disposable camera back.

Its easy-peasy. If you have "word" or another word processing package. And a box of adhesive label sheets.
Go click on "tools" menu.
Click on "letters and mailings".
Then on envelopes and labels - when it opens, make sure you're on the "labels" tab.
I "cut & Pasted" Tiny's referral pic, onto the label text box.
I also scanned the front page of Tiny's chinese medical report - because it said: CHILDS NAME: PING MEI - and then had chinese characters under it, so I assumed it said the same thing in Chinese. I then opened the scanned picture. Cropped just the CHILDS NAME: PING, MEI (only the chinese line - not the english) - then saved that as a jpeg. I then "cut & pasted" that picture of the chinese characters into the label text box. (I'm sure that even the referral pic would be enough... but, as always, I wanted to be clear!!!)
Click on "new document" - and you'll get a whole page of labels

Voila. Personalised "baby" labels.

I stuck them to every single thing I sent. I sent 2 bags of lollies as well; I also added a sticky label that said "Caregiver" in chinese... I scanned - cropped - cut and pasted that from Tiny's medical report, too. I didn't want the caregiver's to give Tiny marshmallows or hard caramel lollies!!! Hopefully they worked out the lollies were for the adults?!!

I got the orphanage address here. I also stuck a "Tiny" label on the front of the package, so they knew who the package was for (although - there were labels stuck on everything inside... so I guess it was a bit hard to stuff up?!!) I printed the page - and taped it to the postage envelope - and then covered it with clear contact... didn't want it to get wet and the ink to run!

I sent:
1 disposable camera, with letter thanking SWI for their care & asking for photos (thank you M3 for great link!)
1 "lovie" (decapitated teddy stitched to a satin backed blanket!)
1 Sassy "Who Loves Baby" album... full of pics of us - including one taken on Christmas day, with us (as a family) holding a blown up referral pic of Tiny (I made chinese name labels for each page too! - copied and pasted from THIS SITE) Words like "family", Mama, Baba, Big Sister, Big Brother and also the kids names.
1 Sassy mobile phone toy - with lights & sound (the one in the pic below) - small & easy to hold (which was actually a last minute addition... I'm SO glad I put this in!!!)
2 bags of lollies (candy for my American readers!) for the carers

There are varying opinions on whether you should or shouldn't send care packages. I don't regret it for a minute. Just make sure you allow plenty of time for it to get there. If possible - allow up to 4 weeks... you just never know how long it may take.


TimandKim said...

Exactly the type of labels I made. Except back when I had our referral, I didn't put it on stickers. Afterwards, I got smart and made some of the sticky labels for a friend's referral with the baby pic and pinyin name just like you describe. Great idea to share!

Pug Mama said...

I learn so much from you!!!

Lisa said...

I think it's great that you did the care package! We did as well and we have photos (taken with the two cameras we sent) of Gracie looking at photos of us! That, was priceless!!

Alyson and Ford said...

We printed labels too for all the items in AA's care package. Everything got to her! Wasn't that fun!

Alyzabeth's Mommy