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Friday, 16 January 2009



Here's it is:

10 Feb - Depart Australia - Arr Shanghai
11 Feb - Depart Shanghai - Arr Guangzhou
12 FEB - IS TARI DAY!!! This is what the last 4 years have been about...(among other things... but seeing/holding our daughter has been pretty high on the list!!!)
13 Feb - Official Adoption Day
14-19 Feb - Sightseeing and other lovely official appointments
20 Feb - Depart Guangzhou - Arr Shanghai
21-25 Feb - Sightseeing and other wonderful official appointments
26 Feb - Get visa
26 Feb - Depart Shanghai (late night flight)
27 Feb - HOME! Reunite with my babies...
28 Feb.... Live happily ever after.... forever.

Ahhhh. I still can't believe it. YES! It IS actually happening!!!

Our co-ordinator forwarded Hotel suggestions from our travel service in China. Now, forgive me for freaking out - but does US$125-US$250 a night for a hotel seem a little excessive to you? Let me convert it for you~ AUS$185-AUS$375. per night. If we went with the dearest one - it'd be AUS$6375 just for the accommodation!! Holy Cow!!! Anyway, I sent back an email, saying we just can't afford to be spending that sort of money, on a bed, especially with the huge rise in the donation (at such late notice). I scanned the net and found several, very nice looking hotels for approx US$70 (approx AUS$100) per night. I still think $100 is alot - but it's alot more do-able!!! I forwarded my suggestions to our co-ordinator, who will pass them on to the travel service.

We're just simple folk, ya know.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Can't believe it! Days - your are counting DAYS!!!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ack! That would be YOU... you are counting days.

And what exactly is a your in that context? Is it like y'all, but only said to Aussies? Or maybe it's y'all, but said with a mid-Atlantic accent.

Sea Star said...

Counting the days down with you!

PIPO said...

I sure do love the looks of Feb 12!

Linda said...

Donna is staying at the Victory on Shamian island. It is less expensive then the White Swan and the rooms are bigger w/internet in the rooms She really likes it... I don't know what your choices are. Her agency does all the bookings and takes care of everything. Her travel group had to decide on hotel and chose the Victory due to price... I can find out the cost, but may be a few days before I talk to Donna again.
So Happy your day is coming.... Linda

Alyson and Ford said...

Oh it's HAPPENING!!!
And isn't it just the greatest feeling in the world!!!

Shelley said...

Hey Lee Anne! Congrats on the confirmed travel dates!! I'm so happy for you all.
As far as the hotel rates...yes, that does seem excessive. We didn't pay anywhere NEAR that for any of our hotels. Even the three room apartment we stayed in while in Guangzhou (The China Hotel) was only around $100 per night.

Julie said...

Well first of all - it's real. YIPEEEEEE!

THat hotel seems excessive. We paid like $90 at the WS and $100 in Beijing 2 years ago.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I am soooo happy for you girly..
can't wait to see her in your arms..

Mike and Rhonda said...

WooooHooooo. Can you believe it? FINALLY' Does it not feel wonderful to get that travel itinerary. Congrats.

Ava's family said...

Feb 12?!!!! Ohhh my gosh....Not long now!!!! I can't sleep....It's now 2:48 AM....Your probably the only one I know that's awake with me! ;)

Chelley said...

DAYS I am sure are going to be full with so much! that its going to be here before you know it and it will seem like only hours....

I am VERY excited for you I am sure when you are in China I am going to wear out my refresh button on the 12th feb!!!

Pug Mama said...

I guess this means I better get my lazy butt to the post office and mail you your box tat has been sitting here for 2 weeks!!!!

Linda said...

LeeAnne, You asked in the comments on Donna's blog emp in GZ. It was 70 degrees yesterday, and seems to go between 50 degrees and 70 degrees. Travelng families say it is great.... Can't wait for Feb... Linda

kris said...

I'm just GIDDY with excitement!!!! Can't wait for Feb 12th!!!!!

(and yes, those prices seem excessive. Look into the Victory for Guangzhou, you get BIGGGGGERRR rooms for one and for the same price as WS if not cheaper!)

amy said...

what an exciting post..I am right behind you I hope

Janet said...

Oh boy. I guess this means my present won't make it to you in time. I was afraid this would happen....oh well, it'll be there when you get back....:-)

Cristina said...

Those prices are WAAAAY too high. We stayed at a fabulous, very fancy hotel in Jiangxi and it was only around $60USD per night. I think your travel co-ordinator needs to do her homework a bit better!! Oh, and by the way - WHHOOOHHHOOO!!!!!

Cristina xxx

Lisa S said...

Not sure if this will be helpful...but ni hao y'all just got back from China....has been a few times before and posted hotel tips here
She is an amazing mom....and just got back from a trip with her sister to pick up her son cole.

Catherine said...

Yay...not long now!!

Hope you can fine less expensive accommodations.