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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Just in case you haven't seen her...

Yes... I definitely think, I need more photos of her?!!
Man! It's been such a huge 2 weeks. I have to work for the next 2 weeks, as our wonderful Accounts Lady is on leave. :( I really miss her when she's gone! We had our second Agency appt, and dropped off our immigration paperwork. Our co-ordinator is pretty sure, we'll be in China the first week of Feb, or the second, at the latest. I think it'll be the second.
One of the two lots of people, that were going to look at our house, cancelled. The people who looked, liked it, but are going on holiday for a week, and will think about it while they're away. I'm not holding my breath. And to be honest, I'm "over" the whole idea of moving. The idea of bringing our daughter home, and settling her into her new room... appeals to me much more!!! But hey, what will be, will be. We're looking at house plans again. And changed our mind... again. Who ever thought choosing a house would be so difficult?!!
Does anyone have any suggestions of what size clothing would be best for Tiny? She will be almost 17 months when we meet her. Last stats were at 14 months, she was 7kgs and 71cms long. Yeah, I know, I've had 2 kids... and I still don't know what size!!! Miss M and H-man were short and fat! H-man was 7.1kgs at 3 months of age!!!! But didn't reach 70cm til 6 months of age!!! Are you getting the picture that Tiny, is TINY?!!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the picture..
Sorry to hear about the house.. you sound like I did when we were trying to sell our house.. and finally I just said forget it.. we have been here every since.. now DH is looking again..
Can't wait to follow you to China and see Tiny in your arms..
And as for sizes... NO CLUE..
Have a Great Weekend..

PIPO said...

Tari is just perfect in that picture. Thanks to a really nice gal I have a wonderful little page of my own to post soon ;0)

Size? Are you kidding me? I have no clue either. Someone told me 6-9 mos for my 15 lbs of Pipalicious. I'll take a few sizes I suspect.

Pug Mama said...

just love that pic!!
She is perfect.
It must be so hard trying to figure out size clothing to pack - I say buy a bunch in China!

Chelley said...

Oh CUTE toes LOL!!!

SO how many photos have your printed off?? Giggle are we handing them out???

I think its so wonderful so see such a PROUD mama!!!

what are your chances of getting another photo before you leave?

a Tonggu Momma said...

She is too adorable.

As to clothing... sizes are always tricky. If she follows the Chinese girls growth chart line that she's on now, she'll be about 75 inches when you meet her (in the tenth % for height) and about 8 kilograms when you meet her (also tenth %). I don't know Aussie sizing, but that would be about a 9 month size in the USA. If I were you, I'd pack mostly that size, with one or two outfits one size smaller and the same number for one size larger, just to be safe. And I wouldn't purchase much until you meet her. I think we brought eight outfits total for our Tongginator -- gave away three that were WAY to big for someone who was desperate for larger clothes. And some in our travel group gave us their small clothing that was too small for their use. Ask your travelmates if they'd like to do a swap meet.

I do have some suggestions about styles though.

1. Don't pack one piece pajamas or pajamas with feet -- pack PJs that have a separate top and bottom... they'll be more forgiving if you get the sizes wrong.

2. Pack swing tops (not ones with snaps) or dresses with leggings that you think will fit or perhaps be a bit long. Leggings work best, but pants with adjustable waists also do fine. If you can't find them, you might want to bring a small toddler belt and/or a cute, large dog collar to use as a belt. I know it seems silly, but they work. Another thing that works is using a diaper pin to cinch the back of pants.

3. Cardigan sweaters work better than pull-overs because they can gape in the front if it's a tad snug around the middle.

4. Even if the children are small in body, they typically have toddler sized feet. Pack toddler socks rather than infant socks.

Okay... I wrote a book. Sorry about that. But I do hope it's helpful. Plus - remember - everyone has different suggestions. All are good. There is no one right way to pack. Do what resonates with you and throw out the other ideas. :)

Janet said...

I'm with TM on this one. Pack leggings and shirts. They always seem to fit. Also, dresses are easy. They can go longer or shorter. Jeane is tiny too and weighs only 24 pounds at two years old. She is still in 18 month sizes. Good luck!!!!!

Janet said...

Ps- I guess that means I would go mostly for 12 month size, nothing bigger than 18 month for SURE.

Meadow said...

Our DD was almost 15 months and was same stats, she was not actually tiny, but we bought mostly 9-12 month clothing. Some stores have bigger fir than others, Gap is smaller sizes, some other stores have looser and bigger fits. We also brought some 6-9 month stuff in the bigger fits.

Bring long sleeved Tees, cardi's, leggings, socks, tights, onesies, some of those lovely robeez leather pouchy shoes ( use the measurement giide, but the 6-12 month size I think we used.)

Also bring stacking cups!!! not too many over whelming toys, but the stacking cups went down a treat and can be used in the bath too! And bring a lovey (soft toy) and she can snuggle it when feeding and cuddling. Our Daughter is still majorly attached to the Duckie that we gave her in China and we since bought 4 more. they are velour and we knew we could get more at home.

Bring a nice cosy fleecy blanket too, for sleeping and for the plane journey home (AC is cold on the plane!)

Hope this helps!

Meadow from Ireland

PS Tiny is beautiful!!!!!!

Abby's Mom said...

She is a cutie! I think you will be okay with 12 to 18 month clothes. Abby still fits in to some of hers and 18 month pants are perfect for her. So happy for you. I hope you can get her in your arms sooner rather than later. Can't wait to folow along!

kris said...

Well, the good news is you can buy clothes right there in China cheap, but bring stuff that's small (6-9, 6-12m size I'd say for sure in China)- and if you need smaller or bigger you'll find it there. 2 piece stuff for sure, dresses work best. Good luck!!

Special K said...

I'm glad some people gave you suggestions cuz I was still stuck trying to figure out how much a kg was. You dang Aussies and your crazy alternate measuring systems! LOL!

Made in China said...

Don't look too much at weight, they are often estimated. Naomi is considered underweight and tall, but when I look at her she looks totally normal to me. I think it's just her petite frame. My suggestion is to bring 12-18 month clothes. Better too big than too small! Make sure pants/skirts have adjustable waists. Naomi has a teeny waist so I always have to take clothes in. You will do well with dresses and one piece jammies.
Good luck!! :o)

Alyson and Ford said...

I am going to guess 9m - 12m for clothes. Our AA was 9 kg and wore 12m - 18 month clothes. She was not skinny and actually looked healthy; even though she is very short.
You can buy everything you need, don't take much at all! Plus, what you buy becomes part of her Chinese background and you save to tell her about things you bought in her country. We only brought two outfits and no shoes. Have fun!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy!!

Ava's family said...

I never get tired seeing her picture....She is such a cutie pie!

I have no idea on the size clothing. My kids were all off the charts for height/weight.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

No matter how much I look at it... it is still the most gorgeous picture...
As for 2009 being a good year... oh you aren't wrong...

Shauna said...

I would say anywhere on the 12 months range, but like everyone else is suggesting bring a couple bigger and a couple smaller than that. I can NOT stop looking at her picture on your header. She is just TOO CUTE!

Sam said...

I'm sure the house will work out to be what's best for now! As for Tiny's clothing size, have you joined her orphanage group on Yahoo? They will be able to give the best input. Kieren is from the same province, but the girls in her city are very tall. Yangjiang is located on the southern coast of Guangdong. Kieren will be 4 in March, but she needs a big girl's 4/5 for tops and dresses. Her waist is still 18-24 months.

ellie said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Our daughter came home at 19 months and 8 kilos - she wore mostly size 0 (9-12 month in US sizes) for about 2 months and then wore 1's for a couple more months. I agree with everything Tongguu Mama & Meadow said about 2 piece outfits etc. - and the stacking cups were the best thing we brought :) Have fun! Oh and the $3.50 leather squeaky shoes are awesome - we brought home 12 pairs and wish we had brought home more! (you can take the squeakers out!) Last year at this time we had just received our Approval and were preparing to travel after CNY - I remember how exciting everything was after all that waiting :) Cheers! from Turramurra NSW.