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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The goodies

Mothers Day was incredibly busy! No brekkie in bed, no quiet relax time. not even lunch! It was quite chaotic!!! Our church has 2 morning services, because they couldn't fit anymore people in for one service! So we have a 9am and a 11am. Well, Daughter M was asked to get up on stage (in front on about 500 people!) and tell everyone what she loves about her Mum! (that'd be me!) She said "I love her, because she's been with me right from when I was born. I love her coz she cooks for me, and she irons my clothes. I love her as much as she loves me. That's why I love my Mum!" Yes... I did cry! Then the Pastor asked me to get up there with her!!! Yikes! Scary that my 10 year old is braver than me!!! I literally had sweat running off me!!!

We visted my Grandma, (all of 88 years old), at the Nursing Home. She is doing so well... poor Luv has Alzheimers, she has good days and bad days, and Mothers Day was a good day.

We visited Todd's family, who'd had a very late breakfast, and decided they'd have an early tea... only thing was, I had to leave at 4pm, to get back to Church, as I was on the Kids Church roster! So I missed lunch! I thought I was going to miss tea too, but my darling husband, heated some left overs for me!!! Good thing, I'm not a "precious" Mummy... I more of a "keepin it real" Mummy!!!

Anyway - the pics! The absolutely gorgeous Ladybug candles are from my sister-in-law! THANK YOU D.! I LOOOOOVE them!

I bought myself the little ugg boots (sheepskin slippers - not sure if they have ugg boots outside of Australia?!) I also bought myself the pink top, and gave them both to M and said, wrap these up for me!!! H made me the pink heart, with I (heart) U on it! He also bought the lovely bright red Nescafe slippers with the chocolate bar, from a trading table at school! (I later found out, that he bought it because he wanted to eat the chocolate!) And M bought me the KISS soap from the trading table and made me the tiny purple flower (not sure if you can see it - just under the red slippers, on the grey sleeve?)

My flowers! I cut these myself, from MY garden! I'm the worst gardener in the world - it's a miracle that anything blooms at all! I'm also not a very good florist! I just jammed them all in a vase!

When I went to be on Sunday night, I couldn't help but think about Mini's Mother. I'm kind of thinking, that she's carrying Mini, right now.

My final thoughts of her, were "Even on my very worst day... it couldn't possibly be anything like the day that she has to give up Mini".


Made in China said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful mother's day!!! I love the ladybug candles!

Chelley said...

whata day!!! looks like some lovely gifts!!!

Wishing you a happy mothers day!

Alyson & Ford said...

It's obvious your kids love their Mom!!! Your church must be huge with so many people. Sounds as though Mother's Day was fantastic.

btw: thanks for stopping by our blog. we pronounce Leaa as Leah.

Stacy said...

Boy! You sure had a packed Mother's Day! I love that you bought your own gift and gave it to them to wrap. Too funny!

We do have Uggs here. I have two pairs and LOVE them! Those sure keep your toes warm.

I'm glad you are going to sort things out next year in China! ;o) That made me laugh this moring.

Happy belated Mother's Day!

Nathan & Emily's Mommy said...

sounds like you had a busy day! Glad you were able to enjoy the day!

Melissa said...

Great gifts, love what your daughter had to say in church about you - how sweet!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Lots of great gifts! I am amazed at the flowers!!!! You really have a lot more talent than you think! I love the roses, I can't grow roses, and I consider myself to have a green thumb.
I love that your daughter got up in front of 500 people, what a sweety!

Doris & Dan said...

Wonderful gifts and a special and busy day.

Keep smilin!

Lisa and Doug said...

Your daughter is such a sweetie! Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day. My grandmother has Alzheimers too, and I luckily got to spend the day with her.

Love the goodies and the flowers!

C.J. said...

What a fun day for mum...early or not!

The words of your girl? Too sweet!

Lindsey said...

Glad you had a good mothers day. I LOVE the ladybug candles and all the goodies you got!

A Special Family said...

I like the new blog, totally 'get' why you did it!
Hope you had a great mother's day!

Melissa said...

Way to go on the garden. I can't even keep a shrub growing. Mine are dead.