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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Weird Weather

You know I'm down to the dregs, when I'm talking about the weather!!!

Here in our fair country of Australia... it is DRY. With a capital D. We had very little rain last winter, which meant that we were running out of water, come Summer. We are on "Water Restrictions" and can only water the garden once a week, among alot of other rules! I just didn't water the garden at all. I only have a little flower patch. That now looks like a crusty patch! I want to conserve water - so I lost a couple of plants? I'd rather give my kids a drink!

Anyway, we did get rain last week - 4 solid days of rain - it was wonderful! Australians all over, welcomed the precious resource! The garden got a REALLY good water, and although our reservoirs won't be full - it definitely would have helped. And the farmers would be tickled pink, as they were forecasting they needed rain by the end of April, or they wouldn't have any crops at all!

So we had rain. And it got colder. And I thought - good'o, winter is coming. But no. Today I'm back in tee shirt and capris. It was windy, warm and humid! Troppo! Literally! My sinuses are going bonkers!

Yes, I do like the warm weather... but truly, it needs to get colder - and we need MORE RAIN! (I'm having visions of next summer, our whole family bathing out of a 10 litre bucket of water, once a week!)

I'm starting to think, we'll be living the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"!!!

Note to self: Maybe I want winter to come, coz then winter will go... and I'd be alot closer to Mini?!!!


Doris & Dan said...

And we have too much!! I hope you get the rain you need and us the sun we need.

Keep smilin!

Melissa said...

send some of your rain our way!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I remember those days at home when we were 'gasping' for rain up in Newcaslte, NSW - though from what I have been hearing this is the worst drought in a long time. I remember those 'water restriction' laws. Come here where people water their yards in the rain??? Only cause their sprinklers on automatic... Don't try figure it out... Yep, you heard it! Enough of me on my soap box... Love Fliss and heading back to home (OZ) in January (that is if we aren't in China)...

cougchick said...

I'm still wishing for hot weather. Bring on the sunscreen and summer veggies!!!!

Stacy said...

I'll be doing a little rain dance for you. :)

tracy said...

We are super dry in Florida as well. Brush fires everywhere. We need rain and have been on water restrictions for a month now.