"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Mum's the word...


My Mum is so Special
She has a kind heart
She works so hard
And still looks like a work of art

She loves my Dad
Yes! Its true!
After many long years
They still find, their love is new

They travel Australia
Cooped up in a Van
Missionaries, in Australia?!
That's their plan

My Mum is the glue
That holds things together
I love my Mum
I love her forever

And due to popular demand... here are the sleepsuits. Did I say "a" sleepsuit? Sorry, I lied! Well, I didn't lie, I just held back!!! (wish I could do that when I shop - hahaha!)


1. Ladybug sleepsuit (as if I could resist that... Lisa, you know me too well!!!) Got a size 1.

2. 2 sleepsuits for only $10! Can't resist a bargain either! At the other end of the spectrum, these are only a size 00 (6-9 mths). If Mini is too big, I'm sure I'll find someone to make good use of them! would the orphanages use them? Don't they have "open-bum"pants?!!!

**EDIT: The Ladybug suit is from "Pumpkin Patch" which is an Australian Co, but I think they do international sales, check out the website: www.pumpkinpatch.com.au and remember - its all in AUS$$ which means it even cheaper for you lucky Americans (Canadian's, sorry, I think our $ is about the same rate as yours!!) And, yes... it is me in the pic, as well... many, many years ago!!!**


L & J said...

Oh my gosh, like who could resist those? Is the ladybug sleepsuit from carters? I need to track me one of those down!

Happy B-day to your Mum! =)

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday to your mum!! Great poem!!

LOVE the sleepers! I'm with Lisa, I am going to have to find one of the ladybug ones. :)

Made in China said...

I love your little poem about your mum, so touching! Is that you and her in the picture?

The sleepers are adorable! I have trouble passing up a good bargain myself! :o)

Rhonda said...

Happy birthday to your mom!

The pjs are TOO cute. :)

Journey to Mia said...

very cute! Can't resist cute pj's!

Chelley said...

Lovley I hope that your mum has a wonderful day......

You and your mum are both Very pretty!!

Melissa said...

Cute sleepers. Madelyn needed 18 months when we got to China. She was too long for everything I took.

C.J. said...

Cute goodies and a great day to mum! Love that photo :0)

kris said...

Best of bdays to your mum, and those are some cute sleepers!

Lisa and Doug said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Love the sleepers!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Happy B'day Mum.
Great sleepers!

A Special Family said...

what a great picture. Hope you mum had a nice birthday!
will have to check out that shop, I think there is a shop by the same name here, might not be the same shop tho!

Jenny said...

Pumpkin Patch is a NZ company - they do have stores in the US - plus supplies to department stores there - and Aus of course, and the UK.
Lovely stuff :)