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Friday, 18 May 2007

Mad Week!

Ahhh.... it's Friday night! I can put my feet up, and CHILL OUT! This week has been absolute chaos! Between work, home renovations (is it ever REALLY finished?!) and the kids activities... I'M POOPED!!! H had a farm excursion on Thursday... (21) extremely excited 5 year olds... what a joy!!! And I was mad enough to take the school bus with them to the excursion!!! (thought a free 45 min bus ride was a good option as opposed to $1.37 per litre of fuel!!!). I saved money - but definitely lost several brain cells!!! A good time was had by all. They fed chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys and ponies (although a couple of ponies took a little more than feed = crying kid with pony bite!). They got to hold guinea pigs, baby rabbits and baby chickens. Ride a pony. Hand feed milk from a bottle to a calf. And ride around on little pedal "John Deere" tractors! What 5 year old, wouldn't like that?!!!
Today, I got to drive M and a couple of her friends to a cross-country running event (nearly an hour later, through the peak hour traffic), we arrived, 10 mins late. The girls race was about to start! So without any prep. they were straight out to the starting line, to run their 1 kilometre race! M came 16th out of 32 girls, her age. I was really proud. She did a great job! Especially since her school had not really prepped any of them. The girls thought they were going to run around an oval!!! M came in first for our school, so I couldn't ask for a better result! Then we had to wait around for 4 (four!) hours, in the rain, on a muddy oval, (did I mention, stand? there were no chairs!) for the rest of the age groups to run. We had to wait around for the presentation! I think a few parents are going to try and organise it a little better for next year... first off, leave an hour earlier, so we're actually there for the walk through! And then organise something for the kids to do, after their races!!! It was still a good day, M was happy she wasn't stuck in a classroom doing a Maths Test!!!

H had his first Aussie Rules football practice, after school. He was so excited! He was running, hand-balling, and kicking goals like a pro! Aussie Rules is definitely for him, not poxy soccer!!! He won't actually be able to play any "real" games til he's 8 or 9, til then, he's more than happy to stay in this programme!

Only a few more weeks, and I'll be baking my buns in the sun!!! Bring on the holidays!

So... it's chill-out time for me... this Mum business has me beat!


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Yup you deserve a break today! Go get some kit kats.
Why do we moms spread ourselves so thin sometimes!

a&mg said...

wow, you definitely sound like some relaxation time is needed! Hope it comes soon!

L & J said...

Wow is right! Sounds like you have had a crazy week!

Stacy said...

Crazy! Busy you are!!!
Sounds like great fun for the kiddos though.

Enjoy a relaxing weekend!

A Special Family said...

Now that sounds really busy, wow! I remember from my fostering days what school trips on the bus were like - I used to always say 'never again' ;) and I used to hear ringing in my ears for DAYS afterwards!!!
OOoohhhh enjoy the holidays. Ozzie beaches are the best :)

Made in China said...

You definately need a break! Too bad you live so far, we're having a mini blogger summit here in Montreal.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


C.J. said...

Ahhh, but the mum business does sound like crazy fun :0)

Enjoy your down time.

Anonymous said...

I want to see thes Buns in the Sun too.

Give them a little spank LOL.

Sam said...

You made me tired! And to answer your question, NO! You never get finished with home renovations!!! We've been working on this place for 9 years. OY!