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Friday, 6 July 2007

Bag Lady

I AM the bag lady. I have a shameful collection of bags, and although this one isn't a designer Gu*cci or Glitzy Ch@nel... it is my current favourite! Well, not to throw over my shoulder and run down to the shops, but it's definitely more than I thought it would be.
The details:
Super tough (nylon!) duffle bag... WITH WHEELS. About 60cm long when fully extended. Has a sturdy "pull along" handle. And packs away to virtually NOTHING! My feet aren't in the photo's coz they're sexy, I'm giving you a size comparison, and I have pretty big feet!!
Yes... I bought it specifically for China (along with about 30 other "must have" tavel items!!!) I plan on packing this baby, to whip out, once I've done my shopping!!! Oooo, and I must tell you... I bought it from AV0N...$20!!! Yep... $20 whole dollars!!! Yes, I'm an organisational nazi, Yes, I'm a packing freak... but hey... when everyone else gets their referrals and starts freakin out coz they don't have anything... I'll be sipping champagne in my ginormous spa bath in the candle light!!!
Connie, Sweetie... we are almost logged in on the same day... hopefully we get to meet in China. If you find you need a spare bag, I reckon I could give you my beautiful grey nylon collapsable duffle bag!!! (carry-on only, my a$$!!!!) You know what? I know you'll go carry-on only, and you will have absolutely everything you need... I'M SO JEALOUS - already!!!
Huge ((hugs)) to Jim and Colleen, flying to China NOW!


C.J. said...

Now as bags go, that's my kind of bagging!

I have a reputation to uphold now and I must arrive at the airport with a tiny backpack and say 'Ready for China' with a big smile no matter what ;0)

I have decided that I won't be COO coming back most likely. I have seen too much good shoppy. So, I'll pick up a bag in China along the way and my goodies will come back in it.

Oh and yes, you do have some sexy paws goin' on!

amy said...

I love it!!!

kris said...

Dude. I need that bag. How do I find one??? Is there an AVON.COM or what? Help a girl out.

Janet said...

Hmm.....I have a friend from AVON, I may have to call her up.....

tracy said...

I need a bag like that!