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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Thinking of names...again...

I must have a bit of time on my hands at the moment, coz I've been thinking about "Mini" lots.

Thinking about names again, so thought I'd run a little "popularity" poll...
Leave your Best and Least Liked choices in comments, from my list below:

Layna (French) - means little rock
Samsara (Balinese) - can't find a meaning, but Sam means From God and Sara means princess
Scarlet (English) - means Red
Hope (English) - means Hope!
Bella (Italian) - means beautiful
Cleo (Greek) - means To Praise
Lila (Persian) - means Lilac Tree
Camille (French) - means perfect
Ruby (English) - means Red Gem
Brielle (Hebrew) - means God is my strength
Charlotte (English) - means free
Callie (Greek) - means beautiful
Sophia (Greek) - means wisdom
Annabelle (Hebrew) - Gracious and Beautiful
Tia (spanish) - means Aunt (but if spelt Thea (Greek) means Gift from God)
Aislin (Celtic) - means Dream
Seana (Celtic) - means God is gracious
Matilda (English) - means Battle might! (holds a special place in Australian's hearts!)

I'm only thinking about "English" kind of names, we will be incorporating Mini's Chinese name either as her first name, if it's easy to pronounce etc, but definitely as her middle name. We have pretty much decided on her name, but I'm not prepared to set it in concrete til she's here!!! It's turned out to be a very popular name, which is swaying me to look at another name, more unique! They are not in any particular order, or coloured for any other reason than it looks pretty!!!

Is anyone else out there, a "non-stop" name thinker, as well?!!! There are just too many to choose from, and such important decisions, sa naming your child, can keep one awake at night, for a really long time!


Jeter's Mama said...

My Ava was almost a Lila.
In fact, very recently, I majorly considered changing it back to Lila, but my family had a fit.
Awaiting Lila has a nice ring, don't you think.....
okay, back to you....
My vote is for Lila (since I can't have it)

amy said...

I love Hope or Lila, or Bella and my least favorite is Matilda!

Cosmic Lollies said...

I love all the names on your list! You have great taste! Strangely enough I have Lila, Ruby, Callie, Annabelle, Aislin & Matilda on my list also! I also really like Violet but hear that it's becoming popular.
Tina Marie

C.J. said...

I love Bella, Lila and Callie.

Not so much for Matilda and Scarlet reminds me of a ho (sorry...too many bad TV dramas that name 'working girls' Scarlett).

I don't think much about alternate names for my kiddo. Her name chose me long ago and I can't imagine her being anyone else.

Doris & Dan said...

Those are all lovely.
I love:


Least favorite:

Matilda (Sorry...I know it is an important name for Australians)

Good luck & Keep smilin!

M3 said...

Oooo, I love name choices. Let's see, today I'm liking Layna and Lila (must be in an "L" mood haha). Ruby was on our "short list," by the way, meaning it made the top 3. So we almost had "Rose and Ruby" or "Marie and Ruby." There, now you know something no one else knows... :-)

Lindsey said...

Well i personally like "L" names ;). Lila would top them for me. It has a cool ring to it!

Krista said...

Bella first choice. :)

I also like Charlotte.

I'm with Connie. I chose my name very quickly. Well,it chose me. And now I can't imagine her as anything else. Even though I have since found it to be VERY popular especially in the Chinese adoption community.

kris said...

Charlotte, Bella or Annabelle.
My top 3.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Callie is my favorite because that is our little ones middle name that we asked our DD to chose.
I also like Bella ;O)and Aislin is cute.
Not sure I like Scarlet ...

Anonymous said...

Okay, if you change your name I am gonna have to fix her dress!!

Donna & Andrew said...

I love Hope, Charlotte & Seana but my favorite is Aislin. Maybe it's because it the name we have chose for our little one, only spelling it Aislinn.

Emma said...

My favourites from that list are Lila, Camille, Brielle, Callie.

I like Charlotte and Bella but woudnt use them due to their popularity.

I have a mild names obsession... you might have seen a couple of my posts about names. I also have a name blog in its infancy - namewarehouse.blogspot.com

I'm not a fan of Matilda or Cleo!

Emma said...

Oh! PS. Your fabric and wishes arrived yesterday! They're awesome!!! Thank you!

Headmeister said...

Hi! I've seen you around in the comments on various blogs, but for some reason in the year I've been blogging, I've never stopped by to say hello before! lol!

I LOVE your list of names, but some of my fav's are Ruby, Cleo, Charlotte & Scarlet! My daughter's name will be Gracie (Grace) and I've loved that name since before it became popular. I decided not to change it because it's the name I've always referred to her as. I would have LOVED to use Ruby, but it goes horribly with our last name...lol. Hell, she'll be married one day I'm sure, and then it'll change... Hmmmm... might have to think about that for the second daughter!

Well, nice to "meet" you!

Be well,

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

I love Tia and Samsara, both beautiful and different.

Shannon S said...

Bella and Aislin are my favorites. I love Callie too. Our wonderful family dog was named Callie...hope that doesn't deter you! With this long wait, I've thought about changing her "proper" name, but I always come back to the nickname Ellie. Besides, everyone calls her that already! Any name you choose will be lovely!

Melissa said...

I like Bella too.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess if T doesn't like Lila then there's no point considering it. I'd choose names that I loved but if D didn't like them then it made the choice easier because I could just ditch those ones. Layla is also a nice combo of Lila and Layna. I don't know whether you ever saw the documentary 'Losing Layla'. Heartbreaking but beautiful about a precious baby girl. Ruby Li is a beautiful name. I choose that or Layla.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

looks like i'm a lil late but as a lurker i just skim for what catches my eye.. and names certainly do! I like Samsara for it’s uniquiness and meaning
I like Scarlet despite all the TV it IS a beautiful name!
I like Brielle, never heard of it before and it also has a beautiful meaning
I like Aislin for the uniquiness and also because I love to dream (and can play w the spelling.. I know a guy who's middle name is Aslan, and a lil girl named Azlyn)
Seana has uniquiness points but the above beats it