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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Gardening and Gymboree

Step One: Assess the situation

Step Two: Don gloves, grab garden tools, and rip out knne-high weeds! Prune roses (that should've been done 2 months ago!)

Step Three: Three Hours of back break weed pulling, have a spa bath and glass of wine.


Now, from horrible weeds to weeeeeely cute clothes! These are just a couple of things I got from Gymboree with my Gymbucks! I LOOOOVE this itzy bitzy cowgirl hat! Can it be any cuter?

Next is the colourful combo of this little apple top with my favourite stripey skirt!

And I just had to have this one!

I just feel all warm and fuzzy!!! God bless you, Gymboree!!!


kris said...

In love with that first dress and hat! Adorable!

Janet said...

Buying clothes for my kids gives me a high. Seriously. It does.


Gardening= TORTURE

Stacy said...

The garden looks nice! That was a lot of work! I bet the spa bath felt good.

Love, LOVE, LOVE the clothes. I must say that little yellow dress is my favorite. The hat is cute too!!

amy said...

Good job those are cute@@

A Special Family said...

That's some mega gardening!

I didn't know they had gymboree in Oz. Apparently they used to have it in England, but it closed. I find that funny beacuse the Brits spends loads of $$$ on kids clothes!!!

Lisa and Shane said...

Love the cowgirl hat. Too too cute.

Chelley said...

Well done on the garden!!! That area is Allans and its his de-stress from work is pulling weeds!!

And I am so so blaming you for my gymboree addcition!!!!!

love the clothes !!

Princess Diaries said...

Looks like you got a lot done on your yard! Way to reward yourself with such cute clothes from Gymboree.

C.J. said...

Unfortunately I would kill the garden but Gymboree lives forever ;0)

Headmeister said...

Ok, I love the clothes but I'm in LOVE with gardening! lol... Isn't it soooo satisfying once you get it all done? (and of course, better after planting your own butt on the couch with a glass of wine!). Good job, on the garden AND the shopping!

Melissa said...

I just finally bought my husband (I mean daughter) a shirt that says "Daddy's Girl" on it for Madelyn to wear. It's so true.