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Saturday, 7 July 2007


It's official. This month the allocations go til 14th November 2005. WAY TO GO to all of J&C's batch!!! WOO-HOO!!! Congrat's to all families, seeing their little one's for the first time.

I've just come from our "batch dinner", where the families from our batch (all 4 families!... I soooo pity you guys in the US with your ginormous 36 people batches!) get together for some yummy food, beverages and plenty of chatter! It's the third one we've had, and it's great! Tonight was a curry night! YUMMO! And the desserts were to die for... I'm still feeling the tight tummy from too much dessert!!!

Anyway, conversations were around referral predictions (I think the concesus was "early next year"), and we talked a bit about who's taking their kids etc. Geezzz.... now I can't stop thinking about whether or not we should take our kids!!! We always said, No. But gosh! They are a heck of a lot older than we thought they would be!!! We were joking that H would be "10" by the time we travel!!! (he's 5 now!) With both these topics, I'm not going to give them too much thought, and just wait and see what's happening when we eventually get to allocation. (so I say... but anyone that knows me very well, knows I'll be thinking about it!!!)

Good lord, I'm dribbling on... it must be the caffeine talking! I MUST NOT DRINK CAFFEINE after 8pm. I was going to give you my "Berry and White Chocolate Cheesecake" recipe, but I'm too lazy to get up and get it. So if you want it, leave a comment, and I'll try not to eat it all, so I can take a pic of the last piece!!!


kris said...

Referral time, even when China only pumps out a week, is still my fave time of month!

C.J. said...

Mmmm...me lurves curry. I'm still stuck drooling on that part of the post.

Wait, did you say cheesecake? I need to stop checking your blog when hungry ;0)

amy said...

We met with some of our adoptive family friends last night as well! Glad you had fun!

Lisa and Doug said...

Yum! Curry!

I wish the CCAA had gotten further than they did. Bummer!

Anyway, referral time is always happy time