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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Cars and computers

Is it Thursday already?!! Geez this week has flown by!

My week? One word. Frustrated.

Monday I was looking after 2 of my nephews, as well as our own kidlets, they were all rev'ed up to go to the movies and see Transformers. I went to the carport to drive the car out... it wasn't there! OMG!!! WHERE IS MY CAR?!!! It's pretty well impossible to steal it, it's behind a locked garage door, the car is locked with those fancy "you can't steal my car" locks, so I didn't think it had been stolen. I thought back, retracing my steps. OMG. I've left it at McDonalds... it's been there 2 DAYS!!!
(*insert going back in time music*) Sat morning, we'd met some friends at Maccas for brekkie, T had a last minute job he had to attend to, so met us there. From there we had to drive about 30 mins to drop my nephew home, who'd stayed the night. So T says "Leave your car here, we'll go together in my car, and pick yours up on the way home". Ok.
I phoned T Monday morning (he'd already gone to work) "My car is at Maccas". There were no words, only hysterical laughter. When he recovered slightly, he says "You'd better ring them, and make sure it's still there". I said (not very happy at his hysterics) "I'm not ringing them to say I'm the idiot who left there car there for 2 days!" T says he'll ring them. He rings me back "It's still there, but the wheels have turned into Big Macs"... what a comedian, hey? The thing that cracked him up; there is an advert on TV, and a chick is sitting in her PJs, ringing Bottle Shops (Alcohol Shops) looking for her car. Guess what the Maccas boy says "You're like that chick on the ad!" Yeah. Thanks for that.

So, I've got my car back.

You know my new sexy laptop? Oh.my.goodness. Is it giving me grief. Sorry, I'll rephrase... VISTA is giving me grief. I.HATE.IT. It won't let me access our server at work, and now... it won't even let me access the internet... EVEN WITH A LAN LEAD IN. What is with that?!!! It's going back to the shop today, and I'm get it wiped, and XP put on. I know XP, I like XP, and XP likes our equipment and server. AND, (just when you thought things couldn't get any better), our Accounting Package released a new "Vista Friendly" upgrade. ARGH!!!! It is crap. Yes, it looks pretty (also takes up 160MB more than the last version), but it is SLOOOOWWWW. I thought, maybe I'm just being impatient. You know, fast internet and all, I'm used to things happening immediately. I went to do ONE employees wages. It hung for FIVE MINUTES, just to open his file, then another FIVE MINS to process the pay transaction. That's for one bloke. We've got 60 working for us. I had a tech come out. He said it is slower than the last version, but when he tried to work with mine... "Ooo, I haven't come across one this slow before". I'm telling you... it's my "AURA" ~ I have an Anti-Computer Aura, and it bugga's up every computer I've ever owned. Every programme I've owned, I've had Tech's say to me "I've never seen it do that before". So now, all the guys in the Office cross there fingers (hex style) at me, when I go into their offices.

One Word.

NB: Transformers is FANTASTIC. Heaps better than I thought it would be. Kids absolutely loved it. It is "M" rated (for mature audiences) because of low level violence. But if your kids watch Pokemon, Ninja Turtles, Super Hero cartoons... violence is all about the same. They used the word "masturbation" in a parent-teenager conversation, I wanted to hide under the seat, was waiting for 4 kids to quiz me on the way home, about what that was... thankfully the "action" was in the forefront of there minds and imaginations!!! (clarification: "carchase/battle action"... not, you know, "adult action"... there was none of that!!!)


LaLa said...

Ok...I couldn't have gone two days w/o my car!! So glad all was well...

Annslee went to her first movie today but now "uncomfortable" moments in Clifford LOL

C.J. said...

I could barely process the computer frustration (sorry) over laughing about you ditching your car and not noticing.

Now that IS funny.

Janet said...

I have to admit that I had a chuckle over your car too. That is just so....typical of a mom! LOL! Sorry. Too funny.

As for the computer, my hubby firmly believes that anything to do with Windows is inherently evil. He likes Linux. But then, he's a computer engineer, so what does he know? At least, that's what I always say.

Hope the rest of the week is better- don't forget your car. (Sorry, I am such a hag.)

Emma said...

That's hilarious! I got a lift home last week and forgot that my car was at the train station - but I remembered that night at least! Any longer and it may not have been there!

Doris & Dan said...

That made me laugh! Too funny...McD-mobile!

I hope the computer issues are fixed up soon..it is frustrating!

Keep smilin!

rubyiscoming said...

Ok, I love it when you have posts like this - it sounds like you are "talking" to us as opposed to "writing" and you are freakin' funny! Your poor little car - stuck there for 2 days - how FUNNY!!!!!

I have heard more people griping about Vista. I'm just hoping our home PC lasts a few more months before we too have to buy a laptop with Vista.

So, does your car permanently smell like French fries now? :)

Stacy said...

Wow! Two days? That amazes me. I glad it's back safe and sound. THAT is hilarious!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Sorry to hear of all your frustration but thanks for the giggles! LOL

Better days ahead!

Shannon S said...

So sorry for the frustration, but what a terribly funny story! I love reading about your wonderfully crazy life! With stories like these, you know that you're really living! =)

Chelley said...

I cant believe it took you two days to remember?!?!?!? LOL omg that is so funny!!!

Totaly suckful about that laptop! You so can tell that men must put them together just to anoy us woman!!!

Sam said...

I could see the car thing happening to me! We're always leaving a car at my sister's or my parent's. As for computers, UGH!!! Enough said! Thanks for the review of Transformers. I'm taking Cullen in a week. Hope you have a great weekend!!!!