"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Saturday, 14 July 2007


Well, the general consensus appears to be (in no particular order):
Lila, Bella, Ruby

Close runners-up:
Charlotte, Callie

And it appears that
Scarlet, should only be used if your planning a career in pole dancing

Samsara... maybe it's just good if you're Balinese?!!
Matilda... should probably be limited to iconic Australian poems (Waltzing Matilda!)

Hubs, pick is Bella
M, pick is Ruby or Hope
H, pick is Sophie (coz that's his little girlfriend at school!!!) If we are allocated a boy (highly unlikely, but remotely possible!) H wants to name him, Luke, as in Skywalker! hehehe! Thank heavens he likes Luke better than Yoda or Darth?!!!

Me? Well... you'll just have to wait and see, when we announce our little girl!


Janet said...

Hmmm...I like those names. GOod choices!

amy said...

I cant wait to read what you have picked out!! Its so much fun!

Lisa and Doug said...

Good choices! So excited to find out what the choice will be!

rubyiscoming said...

well, u KNOW that i am partial to Ruby :)

kris said...

Okay. Leave us hanging. We'll hang with you until we get the final word on the name!

Sam said...

All beautiful choices! Can't wait for the announcement!

Kieren's name was chosen by my son, Cullen. He wanted his sister to have a name that started and ended with the same sound as his name AND also be Celtic (again like his name). Kieren means small and dark. (We were very careful not to spell it "Kieran" because that is the male version! My family in England patted me on the back for remembering!!!) Her full name is Kieren Olivia ChengLi Campbell. Olivia for my grandmother (Olive) in England. ChengLi is the name the SWI gave Kieren. It means "to become strong/beautiful".

C.J. said...

The suspense is killing me.

I have to admit I am glad Scarlet took her stilletos and wobbled off the consideration list ;0)

Perrin said...

Oh gosh I was the same way right before referral. My older daughter was calling the baby Olivia for 1 1/2 years. My Muffin Man was all ago with Olivia too. But it was decided that I would get to name the baby this time. Then, ultimately the pressure was too hard and I caved....Olivia it was even though it was never a name I ever really considered. Now, 1 year after meeting her she is all Livi. It fits her. I suppose Ava had it right. I've been reading your blog forever and I think of your darling as Bella...but you stick to your guns and go with your heart. It will be right on.