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Saturday, 17 May 2008

China Holiday - Photo Saga...

You know that 8gb stick we downloaded all our photos to, and how they are all corrupted and we can't see them or use them? Well, they are gone forever. Our I.T guy has had it, tried to work his magic, to no avail. Apparently one of the "business centre" computers I used to download our camera, had a different format, and that's why I can't view most of them. The ones that I can see, that are corrupted, were put on in another format again.

I've been thinking about it, and I'll take the stick to China with us, when we go for Mini, and see if a photo shop there, can get them off - I'll get them printed.

So - word of wisdom - either don't download anything while overseas, or make sure you take all your own equipment. I was paranoid about someone stealing the camera, or something happening to the camera, so I downloaded photos every couple of days. Next trip, I'll most likely be taking my laptop, so I'll download to it, but won't erase the camera memory card, like I did last trip. If I don't have my laptop, I'll have a couple of camera memory cards, and download when I get home.

Hey, you live and learn. We ended up with a few photos from Xi'An (terracotta warriors) and Hong Kong Disneyland, as Miss M had taken some with her camera. Plus we have movie. So, although I'm still sad, I lost most of my photos - there is always an upside.

Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Gosh that is so sad. Also its my worst nightmare. At least you can keep hope and try again in China and I pray that you will get them then.
BTW where was the house?

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

what a bummer! I knew when we went to China we took our own little thumbdrives with us to download on. At least you have a positive outlook!

Chelley said...

I am so sorry that you lost most of your photos! But at least you will always have the memorys! They cant get stuck on a stick drive!