"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Gifts for 11

Miss M will be "11" at the end of the month... and I'm at a loose end as to what to get her! She got all the things, she'd planned to, in China. A silk parasol, a traditional fan, a chinese dress and a "china" doll (she actually came home with 3 china dolls - 1 china, 1 fabric and 1 wooden!) She has written a list:
Littlest pet shop figures (she already has about 20 though - how many can a girl have?!!)
a skate board (I don't really want to get her a skate board - H-man has one)
and money

Ho-hum. I'm thinking I might give her our old queensize bed, that's in the spare room. She'll get it eventually, but I was thinking, maybe we'll give it to her earlier - I've got some really nice funky linen for her too. Mr T was thinking of giving her a puppy! One from our friend's litter - they'll be ready right on her birthday. I said, I'd leave it up to Mr T to decide. The pup will set us back $400... hmmm "free bed" or "$400 dog"?!!! Yeah, I know, I'm tight. No wonder my friend's say I'm tighter than a fishes bum! So, if you have any (cheap!!) suggestions, let me know!

On another exciting note, I have my first root canal treatment tomorrow. Joy. I actually had a nightmare about it the other night - I woke up all sweaty!!!


Chelley said...

Could you take her out one-on-one, treating her like a real adult? Lunch, make over like at myers? something together a day spa together. get the manis/pedis, the mud bath???

A subscription to a teen magazine maybe, or else a magazine about something she likes

Has she ever been on a hot-air balloon ride?

A beautiful bouquet of flowers. Seriously, it can make a young girl feel very special and mature

Chelley said...

I wish you well at the dentist! Ugh I hate going! And always work my self up!!!

I did to a search on youtube on the work you are getting done tomorrow and it was pretty intresting and the person that was getting it done didnt seem bother by it!

Debz said...

AHHHH! Go for the puppy! Jac was 11when I got her puppy. It was a great way to break her into being responsible.

Hope all goes well with the root canal. I had one last year and got along perfect!

Ruby Cate said...

I'm with Chelley, it's really not about the gifts you give, but more the memories you make. Puppies are cute but correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there already a very handsome little guy toddlin' around your house now who walks on all 4's? I say go for a very SPECIAL Mother Daughter day. Manicures, pedicures, maybe new haircuts or even just a fancy 'up do' style. Then out to dinner someplace gorgeous & fancy, just the two of you and then when it's all said & done, have a boquet of flowers waiting for her in her bedroom with a very touching heartfelt card that you WROTE YOURSELF. Trust me, she'll love it & maybe, inside the card, a gift card to the local book store for her to buy a book or cd. Those are always options that win cuz if a child doesn't like to read, they're ALL obsessed with music, yes? Good luck!

-Amy & Ruby Cate

Gem & James said...

ohhh joining the root canal club!! I am just waiting on the caps to be done next month on the two I have had recently. The pain wasnt soo bad actually it was more the fear, and sleepless nights before hand. Watch out for one thing though ,the temp filling they put on between visits, they are not very sturdy.