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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

China Earthquake & added whinge-fest

I'm sure most of you are being updated on the Earthquake that hit Sichuan province in China. I've been getting daily updates from Half the Sky, (charity organisation for Orphans in China), and each day the death toll rises.

The current statistics are:
There are 34,073 people confirmed dead, 245,108 injured, still more than 35,000 still missing.
Our morning news, also reported that more than 5 million people are homeless.

It truly boggles the mind. Please continue to pray, and financially support the Aid Organisations supporting Sichuan.



So while the earth is closing in on China, I feel the world is closing in on lil 'ole me. Every woman and her dog (literally!) are having babies. 5... yes FIVE... friends from Church and school have had babies in the last couple of weeks, and 3 more are due in the next couple of months. I am so happy for them all, really I am. I love nothing more, than to cuddle newborns, buy cutsie baby clothes - and just join with them to celebrate a new member of their family. But when I'm home on my own, all I can think about is Mini's room, just waiting for her. Her brother and sister, waiting for her. Her drawers of little clothes, waiting for her. Her Mummy and Daddy... desperately, waiting for her. Its just crap, really. Each month, we seek out how many days have been allocated with so much anticipation, only to be kicked in the guts, again, to discover they got through 3 days. I can't tell you how annoying and frustrating it is.

In true Lee-Anne fashion, I sought the comfort of the shops. Those neatly stacked aisles, red sale tags flapping in the gentle heated breeze, the choice of colours, every gadget known to man. No, I probably don't NEED anything. But "comfort" shopping isn't about NEEDING. So here are my purchases... ridiculous, since entering her room gives me so much pain... yet the satisfaction of adding to her closet brings me joy. Bitter-sweet.

White whicker baskets, lined with white fabric and come with choice of 4 coloured bows. (note: I didn't buy all the dolls and teddies! Most have been given to Mini). The teddies will have to find another home, at a later date - I'd like to use the baskets for wipes, nappies and that kind of stuff.

Cushie loo seat! How cool is this! It folds up, so you can put it in your bag, for when you're out and your toilet training!!! Miss M, had a cushie loo seat, but it wasn't foldable. These things are fantastic! And check out the cutest little dolly, you ever did see. She's only little (about 20cm high), and she has a little bell/rattle in her!!! Her hair is made out of ribbon, for that "touchie feelie" urge. Apart from her PVC face, she is all soft and squishy. I love her. She is definitely coming to China with us!

And lastly, the piece d'resistance! A gorgeous red chinese brocade nappy bag. I've got a backpack for our China trip, and wasn't going to get another nappy bag... but I've been eyeing this baby off for a while now... and when you're in the mood I was in today... the bag was coming home!!! Not only is it gorgeous, but it is covered in clear pvc - so any spillage can be easily whipped off. Its got lots of pockets inside, and a thermal lined pocket for bottles. It also has a matching change mat! I think I forgot to mention - it was also 30% off, making it $37!

I do feel better. Although I sense another bout of depression, when my visa bill comes in!


kris said...

You do retail therapy like a pro! :O)

As for China, it is just purely devastating.

Briana's Mom said...

My heart hurts every time I think about the China quake.

I am so sorry you are having a hard time waiting for Mini. I most certainly understand. The wait is just excruciating. All I can say it that she will be worth every minute of the wait - I promise!!

Briana has Lil Dragonfly too! So cute! Love the bag too!

Made in China said...

Ahhh retail therapy ... almost as good as grape therapy! :o)

Loving the red bag!!!

3D said...


LOVE the retail therapy sessions. You know how to do it up right.

Keep smilin!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

You can never pass up an opportunity to do some serious retail therapy... I feel some retail therapy needed soon after finding out our septic tank etc needs to be replace for about a mere $4,500 (wahhhhh)... at least spend a little on me... hehehe... any excuse for the retail therapy... I too am losing count of what we are up to... take care