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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My week so far

I wasn't going to post, coz I thought, nothing's really happened... but when I look back over the last 4 days - alot has really happened! To be truthful, I'm just feeling all a bit "blah". Just can't be bothered doing anything.

Saturday night, although still feeling pretty seedy from the food poisoning on Friday night, we went out to dinner, with our ops manager, his partner and some very good friends. I ate my grilled chicken, even had a cocktail (which I probably shouldn't have done!). I woke up feeling pretty ordinary Sunday morning, we picked the kids up from Mr T's sisters, and stayed for a while. Next, we went to an electrical store to spy out a new TV. Our treasured $200 TV from "the cheap shop" had bitten the dust (after 5 years!). Oh! The decisions! There was Plasma and LCD, there was Digital and High Definition, there was FULL HD and built in tuners! How the hell are you sposed to pick one?!!! We ended up snaggling a display model, 127cm or 47" LCD, FULL HD TV. It looked pretty big in the shop... but at home it looks ENORMOUS!!! It's pretty funny, really, people seem to think, that because we own our own business we are loaded. You wouldn't believe the amount of people that come round and say "Oh! You don't have a Plasma?" What the?!!! As if that matters?!!! I was more than happy with my $200 TV. Anyhoo, we got a bargain, (albiet substantially more than $200!) and have an enormous kick-a$$ TV, just to concrete everyones impression, that yes... we truly are rich! ...in debt!

Yesterday, was my good friend's birthday HAPPY 39TH BIRTHDAY, KARYN! Yes... now the world knows you're 39!!! All 6 of my readers! In the morning, after doing uniform shop at school, I went to a "Jelly Baby Month" morning tea. Jelly Baby month is to raise money for Juvenille Diabetes. One of H-Man's good friend's has Type 1 diabetes. From about 50 ladies, we managed to raise $1,600! Almost tripled the organisers expectations! Absolutely fantastic. I went home and flew through my house (cleaning) like Tassie Devil. Made tea for the fam, then got ready to go out to dinner. I took my "birthday friend" out to a China Earthquake Fundraiser dinner. We couldn't stay right til the end, but when we left, they had raised about $200,000!!! Holy guacamole!!! It was a very interesting night, put on by the local Chinese Community. We had a chinese banquet, and they sold raffle tickets and auction items. The Chinese Student Association, in our State, donated $9,000 on their own. I was absolutely blown away.

So it has been a very productive week. I hope that all the money raised for the different causes, is put to very good use, and truly makes a difference to someone's life.


M3 said...

Wow, you get a lot done when you're feeling seedy! By contrast, when I'm not quite up to par I lay on the couch, watch questionable tv, and try to trick Rod into making dinner. :-)

Alyson & Ford said...

The amount of money gifted for China relief was stunning to say the least. Wow...

Enjoy the new TV - you rich people :)

Chelley said...

WOW that is an awsome amount of money!!!!

AND ok why didnt you buy a TV from AL LOL LOL

Chelley said...

Oh and stay away from the porcelain bus!

Anonymous said...

OOPS got busted posting on Your blog

So I will not leave my comments now.

LOL Thanks for the coffee

I love you

Lisa~~ said...

After food poisoning I'm impressed with all that you accomplished. I probably would have milked the situation and sat on the sofa watching the new big screen. Glad you're feeling better.

Jodie Ho-Ho said...

Is there nothing that can stop you?! The money that was raised will surely benefit many lives! That's awesome! Now take care of yourself and stop eating poisonous food! ;)

Janet said...

I agree with M3....you're idea of doing nothing is....well ...a lot! We have a cheapo tv too.....we're not rich, like you. ;-)

Made in China said...

wow, that IS alot in 4 days!!!

Enjoy the TV! I have the same thing and thought it was huge at first too.

Cristina said...

Now, there are more than six comments here so methinks more than that read your blog!! I frequently feel the same way, which is why I am such a slacko blogger at the moment. Hope you are feeling 100% again real soon.

cristina xx

PIPO said...


Enjoy some down time in front of that mondo boob tube.