"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Friday, 12 September 2008

Friday already?... again?!!

Its funny, I get to Monday, and it feels like the week ahead is soooo long... and then BOOM! Its Friday - the week has whizzed past in a blurr and I still haven't achieved, all I'd hoped to achieve!!!

Miss M has a friend staying over, and we're off to the Show today, to meet with one of H-Man's friends! We had an absolutely ball last year - and are really looking forward to it again today! The weather is divine! The sunny is out in full, a little puff of wind and forecast temps of 22C. Nice!

On a completely different note -
I just sold my car, and when our house sells, I'll buy a 7 seater. Anyway, during the sale process, many people asked, why I was selling my car. I'd say, "because I'm after a 7 seater - we have 2 kids, another one on the way - and we are forever couriering other kiddies around the place as well!"
Immediately after mentioning "another one on the way" - people ALWAYS look at my stomach!!! I notice their glance, and add "That's just fat - we're adopting a child"!!! I love it! They never know what to say!!! I shouldn't do it really - but its just so entertaining!

I'm STILL UBER excited about the prospect of seeing Mini by Christmas!!!

**EDIT:* A couple of my esteemed readers have asked about the house. Had considerable interest, but no-one interested enough to put in an offer.... YET! Still have regular opens, and now that it's listed "for a price" I feel that we're only getting "serious" buyers through.... all the nosey neighbours have been through! After two weeks "on the market"... the agent asked us to drop the price!!! HA! Good on ya?!!! It wasn't well received here, and we said we'd revisit that thought after at least another month. Apparently, that's "the industry standard" to ask the vendor to drop after two weeks!!!! Unbelievable. Our market here has been excellent for about 2-3 years. Houses selling within 4-6 weeks on the market, many on the first open. In the last 6 months, things have started to slow - the "medium" is currently about 90 days on the market. Mr T told our agent, that ALL Agents have had it too easy too long.... now they actually have to work for their money!!! Then I added insult to injury, by adding "I'll drop my price if you'll drop yours!"... I was told, that wouldn't happen!!! I reckon, if I'm paying them multiple thousands of dollars... they can darn well earn it! We have a great house. (Everyone that has come through, loves it... we just need someone to love it, that has $$$!)


Chelley said...

I pray with all that I have that you will see your little ones face by christmas!!!

Sounds like a neice weekend for you all! And the weather looks like it will play along as well!!!

Have you had much intrest in your house ????

Janet said...

I am SO hoping to see Mini in your Christmas pictures!!!!!

So...house IS the house selling going? ANy bites yet? What's the market like there?

Pug Mama said...

thank God it's Friday!!!!
I could never own anything smaller than a 8 seater SUV - I always have a car full of kids - ALWAYS....kids and dogs....

Elisa. said...

Still waiting for ours to sell too, market should start to pick up now so I have been told!

Chelley said...

YOU won

check out my blog!

NoahandMaddysMom said...

I know the feeling about the weeks whizzing by....I need them to slow down a bit..we still have to finish our paperwork update!!!
Praying your house sells soon so you can have that 7-seater ready when Mini arrives!!!

Jodie Ho-Ho said...

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! It IS funny how people do that not-so-subtle glance to the belly when you mention expecting another child! I remember that too. Good idea to get a seven seater vehicle. I love mine. We bought the Nissan Armada, it's huge. I think you mentioned once that you liked your Nissan Pathfinder? The Armada is great! Ours has 8 seats which is nice when you have company. Good luck with the house! Things are going to be very busy for you very soon! How exciting!!

PIPO said...

Bing, bang, boom with the weeks flying by. Hope the house does sell soon so you can put that behind you and focus on Mini cuz we're heading into Maxi Mini time!