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Friday, 5 September 2008

Friday already!

The week has flown by! (yay!) It's Friday, and it's the first day of the Royal Adelaide Show. The show runs for 9 days. We manage about 160+ staff over the 9 days... it's pretty full on! Its a great Show, as it combines the rides / Show bags as well as the Agricultural side of our State. One of the jobs I do during the Show, is "typing for the cows"... well, that's what I call it, but my Official title is "Beef Steward"!!! Which doesn't sound nearly as cool?!!!

The farmers bring their bulls through (leading them by a rope, attached through a nose ring), up a "run" to be "scanned" and weighed. Scanning is like an ultrasound, to measure fat and EMA (eye muscle area). I type in the results, and sit with Councillors, who record the same results and write on the competitors cards, for judging. The heaviest bull was 1300kgs! He was massive! He was so long, his barely fit in the scale holding pen! Anyway, why am I dribbling on about bulls?! Well, the funniest thing happened -

As the farmers were all lined up with their bulls; the bull being scanned, farted! Unfortunately, it was a very wet fart, and was definitely more of a "SHart"! and poo sprayed up the lady's leg, who was next in row!!! She let out a laugh and says "Ha! dirty thing it's sh!t on me!!!" Well, she spoke too soon, and the bull really let one rip - and TOTALLY covered this poor lady in poo!!!! LIke, head-to-toe in poo!!! She stood there with her mouth open, she couldn't believe what had just happened! I called out, she might want to close her mouth... just in case it happened again!!! Well, we all had a laugh (even the lady)... hey, what else can you do, when you're stuck in line (no way to get out) and a bull has just totally sprayed you with poo?!! There is a saying "you can't work with kids or animals"... I tend to agree!!!

*sorry to those eating!*

Mr T was off at 5.15am this morning, and probably won't be home til about 11pm. This will go on for the next 9 days! Its the one week of the year, that he is 100% dedicated to the job, and nothing will take him from The Show. So naturally, we always assumed, we'd be travelling to China in September - because it's the one time we really can't go!!! But God has smiled upon us, and were through Sept (as in, we know we won't be travelling this month!!!) and hopefully travelling Dec/Jan. Which still isn't fantastic, as far as timing goes - Mr T has arthritis - and China is awfully chilly in Dec/Jan!!! Not to worry - we'll just take lots of lotion and pills!!! NOTHING is stopping me now, Baby!!!


Shannon said...

How horribly funny! That poor lady! You painted such a lovely picture of the whole episode. Beef Steward is quite the title! Enjoy! =)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Have a Great Weekend..
Poor lady..

Janet said...

Oh GROSS!!!!!!! I feel VERy sorry for that lady! I would probably have puked and added to the pandemonium!!!!

Cristina said...

Lovely exploding bull story!! Made me snort my drink out my nose...
Cristina xxx

PIPO said...

Okay, you brought out the little boy in me because this story has me howling like a complete fool. Oh, how I would have loved to see that.

Ever see what happens when you squeeze a sheep?

NoahandMaddysMom said...

Just had to stop by and see how you are containing your excitement about the possibility of holding Mini before Christmas...when I saw this batch was thru February 9..you popped into my head right away!!! 13 days away!!! It has to be November (but how awesome would it be it they really blow us all away and do 13 days in October!!!!

Elisa. said...

OMG totally killing myself laughing with the poo story..that's the greatest.