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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I'm back!

I got back late last night, and so much has happened in the 3 days I was gone!

It "appears" [[AA have allocated up until 15 Feb 2006. :( I was really hoping to get to the 17th... [[AA are now SEVEN days from our date. That makes me very uneasy. Seven. It's like that "cusp" number! There is a (slim) chance we could be included in Nov - but more likely we'll have to wait til Dec. Which ticks me off, I REALLY wanted to be IN CHINA in Dec. Gosh, I'm a whinging old cow, aren't I?!! I should be looking at the bright side - WE ARE GOING TO SEE (a picture of) OUR CHILD THIS YEAR!!!

I'm going to make a slideshow of the photos I took while I was travelling home. Yes, I travelled alone - I took the photos while I was driving! I wanted to prove to MrT I didn't doze off while I was driving!!

My car. I love it. BUT... (yes there's always a big butt!) murphy's law has once again haunted me, and just before I left (for my 8 hour drive) - the engine malfunction light came on! Can you believe it?!! The car is 18 months old!!! I was sooo $#%^@# mad! I took it to a dealer, waited there for 2 1/2 hrs, apparently there some fault in the exhaust system. I told them I HAD to drive back to Adelaide, that day, so they consulted the head mechanic etc. and said it'd be ok to drive home - but it'd need to be looked at when I got home. The car drove like a dream. No problems. But now I need to get this damn problem fixed, before I can register it here. Argh.

So, photos will come. I must get showered, and ring a dealer here.

Fun with the Kids
8 hr Drive with myself!


PIPO said...

Sending you good car karma...

Mini is comin'. I think we will both be December but no tellin' We may get the big split at 2/23. Either way, we are close enough to TASTE IT!

Shannon said...

Hope you and your car get to feeling much better soon. Awaiting the slide show when you've found a free moment!

Headmeister said...

I was gonna call you a whinging old cow, but you beat me to it ;)

I can't wait to see the sweet face of your little girl... not too much longer now!!!!!

Lisa and Tate said...

Hey.... it is only September!!! Two batches in Sept!! That means there will be a batch end of Oct and Nov.... you will be celebrating Christmas in China!

Ava's family said...

The fact that they only got to the 15th instead of the 17th throws us a month later too. Ugh! I guess I'm a whinging old cow too!

Janet said...

You are ALLOWED to whine about that!!!!!! I hope it's coming soooon!

Alyson & Ford said...

We are so excited that you are finally getting closer - hoping for a referral for you next month!


rubyiscoming said...

blech. car trouble.

welcome home!